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Originally created by Jeff Kendrick and Mike Spreitzer of DevilDriver, was designed to be a site by guitarists, for guitarists. While other sites provided videos and tutorials that taught you how to play famous songs and riffs, they were rarely created by the artists that wrote or performed the songs, so viewers could never really be sure if they were being shown how to play the song in the way that the artist intended. AllAxess was and is designed to correct that problem by providing tutorial videos created by the artists that created the songs in the first place.

From this initial vision, has grown to become a hub for guitarists and fans of metal music in general. The site now includes other content, such as a buzzing news section that focuses on guitarists, rig rundowns, gear tutorials from professionals, gig reviews, and a very popular guide covering the complete list of guitars for new guitarists.


Jeff Kendrick

- Founder

Jeff is one of the founders of All Axess, and is a guitarist for the heavy metal band DevilDriver.
Cameron Dodds

- Contributor

Cameron shreds in the home, on the road and in the office. He enjoys the tranquility of a quiet mountain almost as much as he does the unbridled extremities of metal.
Ken Barnes

- Editor-in-Chief

Ken has been a gamer since 1986, and is a fan of all things retro. He's also a big fan of metal, and has clown hair.
Daniel Wells

- Contributor

Daniel is a former combat engineer in the United States Army. He enjoys drinking margaritas and mosh pits on the beach. You may spot him at your local convenient store.
Matt Haynes

- Contributor

Matt has been told that he has an appearance that features a dash of Cap'n Jack Sparrow, and he loves a good metal and/or rock riff.
Kenny Brown

- Contributor

Kenny is a sports and music fanatic, who has taken his love of both to the next level through his writing. He has been writing for many world-famous organizations for over 3 years, and plans to do so for the rest of his life. If you wish to read more of his entertainment and sports articles, then check them out here.
Natalie Shears

- Contributor

Natalie is a music lover, horror fanatic and book worm who loves nothing more than a cold beer on a hot day. When she's not annoying her neighbours by playing guitar far too loudly, she's messing about in graphic design, journalism and social media.
Nate Williams

- Contributor

Nate is a connoisseur of all things metal, as well as books, guitar, and the abnormal. His favourites are King (both Stephen & Kerry), Hunter Thompson, Wylde, Mustaine, and many more.
Steve Beale

- Contributor

Steve lives and breathes music. When not writing for his own band he's on the hunt for fresh new music.