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10 Reasons Why Mark Tremonti Rules

10 Reasons Why Mark Tremonti Rules

What makes a great guitarist? Most would agree that skills or songwriting would be the main elements that give a guitarist great distinction. The simple fact is that when you have the ability to write and play, it’s even more indicative of greatness, prestige and eventual accolades. Mark Tremonti has all the skills that make… READ MORE

Alter Bridge's 'One Day Remains' Turns 10

Alter Bridge’s ‘One Day Remains’ Turns 10

Any successful musician who gets a second chance at fame in their career these days is an extreme rarity. Most find it extremely difficult to reach the heights of their first project with a second. The odds are definitely not in their favour, given the number of new bands releasing music every week. Mark Tremonti… READ MORE

Slash’s New Approach To Set ‘World On Fire’

Slash is one of the most iconic guitarists of the last 30 years and has cemented himself as one of the best rock guitarists ever to walk the face of the Earth. Evolving from Guns N’ Roses, the six stringer has managed to stay relevant over a career that has been marked with trials and tribulations, but in… READ MORE

Rig Rundown – Alter Bridge’s Mark Tremonti

Mark Tremonti from Alter Bridge was kind enough to take time out from his busy schedule to take us through his live rig, containing an absolute plethora of guitars and backups, his pedal setup, and his amp stack.