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Scott Ian zombie on the walking dead

Scott Ian Appears As Zombie On ‘The Walking Dead’

Anthrax‘s Scott Ian is a massive horror fan and in between shredding guitar everywhere, writing books, and doing spoken word tours, he occasionally finds time to appear on ‘The Walking Dead’. The AMC television show is one of the most popular around, and fans are embracing the zombie culture which has taken it from a… READ MORE

Weirdness: Rob Zombie, Gary Holt, Scott Ian to Appear on Top Chef Duels

Yes, you read that headline correctly. If you’re in the US, at 10pm ET/9pm CT tonight – September 10th – you’ll be able to see Rob Zombie, Scott Ian (Anthrax), and Gary Holt (Exodus and Slayer) appear on Bravo TV’s Top Chef Duels as guest judges. The show puts 18 of the most infamous personalities… READ MORE

Former Anthrax Vocalist Neil Turbin Was Once Asked To Front Metallica

Neil Turbin, the onetime vocalist for Anthrax and current Deathriders frontman, has claimed he turned down an opportunity to sing for Metallica back in 1984, while he was working on Anthrax’s  debut album, ‘Fistful Of Metal.’ In a new video interview with The Metal Voice, Turbin, who fronted Anthrax from 1982-1984, said Megaforce founder and former… READ MORE

Anthrax To Record Drums In Game Of Thrones Throne Room

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has revealed the band will record drums for their forthcoming album on the set of the hugely popular television series, Game Of Thrones, in the Westeros throne room. In a new interview with the Metal Hammer Magazine Show, Ian revealed the band would head to Belfast, Nothern Ireland, where the throne… READ MORE

Loudwire Picks Their 10 Best American Metal Bands

To honor the achievements made by American metal bands since the insurgence of thrash metal in the 80s, has compiled its list of the 10 Best American Metal Bands. While there is little doubt English bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden set the standard for metal music in the 70s, the… READ MORE