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Footage Of Behemoth Performing “Naked” Set Surfaces Online

While the identity and appearance of the members of Behemoth are commonly known amongst the band’s legion of worldwide fans, seeing them perform without makeup on or any stage production equipment is, to say the least, rare. That is until the band’s recent stop at the Motocultor Festival in Saint-Nolff, France. According to post on… READ MORE

Did Behemoth Just Reveal Identity Of Papa Emeritus II?

Behemoth guitarist/vocalist Adam “Nergal” Darski has all but confirmed Ghost fans’ long-held suspicions that original Ghost vocalist Papa Emeritus and his “replacement” Papa Emeritus II are both actually Tobias Forge of Magna Carta Cartel. Despite the band’s constant attempts to keep what has been labelled as the, “worst-kept secret in rock” under wraps, it seems… READ MORE

Behemoth Jailed in Russia Over Alleged Visa Issues

It seems bands are continuing to have a hard time when it comes to playing in the former Soviet state, with Behemoth becoming the latest musicians to see the inside of a Russian cell. The band were midway through the Russian leg of their tour when they were unexpectedly arrested in Yekaterinburg yesterday, with Russian… READ MORE