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megadeth souvenir

Megadeth Plan To Auction Off Equipment, Souvenirs

In an awesome turn of events, the legendary thrash metal band Megadeth are planning to create an auction for equipment and other memorabilia, encompassing decades of history. It is rare that any band of this nature would ever engage in an such an awesome act, benefitting collectors and fans alike. A “treasure trove” of items… READ MORE

Marty Friedman Goes From Megadeth To Japanese Pop

Marty Friedman is from a long line of accomplished guitarists for the thrash metal pioneers Megadeth. For several years Mr. Friedman was part of what is considered the quintessential Megadeth dynasty and his impressive lead guitar chops helped propel Megadeth to new heights. Alongside Megadeth founder Dave Mustaine, the only member to remain in the… READ MORE

Dave Mustaine Denies ‘Youthanasia 20th Anniversary Tour’ Announcement

Megadeth guitarist/vocalist Dave Mustaine says the band will not be kicking off a ‘Youthanasia 20th Anniversary Tour’ this month, despite reports to the contrary. In a statement released on his official Facebook page, Mustaine explained that while the band would be playing their upcoming scheduled shows, they were not in celebration of the 20th anniversary… READ MORE