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Jeff Kendrick – Riff #3

Jeff Kendrick – Riff #3

It’s been a little while, but school is back in session! In this All Axess exclusive tutorial, All Axess co-founder Jeff Kendrick shows an example of how moving phrases, notes and progressions on different parts of the neck can give you diversity in your writing. The idea here is to use one idea and make… READ MORE

jeff kendrick in devildriver

Jeff Kendrick Reflects On His Career In DevilDriver

Hey guys, I know the news about my departure from DevilDriver has begun to spread over the internet and I appreciate all of your kind words and well wishes. I really want everyone to know how hard a decision it is for me to leave one of the most important things in my entire life…. READ MORE

Exclusive: DevilDriver’s John Boecklin Lists Favorite Songwriting/Guitarist Combinations

DevilDriver‘s John Boecklin has been kind enough to send over his exceptional list of “Riff Bros” which, in his own language, personifies some true partnerships in the songwriting arena. So, over to John… I find the following guitar bros to electrify meaning and style out of the stringed rigs of this earth. This list in… READ MORE

Competition: Win an ESP LTD Viper-200 Guitar Signed by Emmure, DevilDriver, Suicide Silence, and Animals As Leaders!

We’re giving away a real one-of-a-kind item – a sweet red ESP LTD Viper-200 Guitar, signed by some absolutely incredible artists! The guitar contains the signatures of Jeff Kendricka nd Mike Spreitzer of DevilDriver, Frankie Palmeri of Emmure, Javier Reyes and Matt Garska of Animals As Leaders, and to top things off, Mark Heylmun, Chris… READ MORE

My Top 10 Guitar Tones On Metal Albums

The ability to like and understand metal comes from being an active music listener. Most people have music in the background of their lives—to pass the time while driving, at work, or during dinner. Persons that listen to metal place music at the forefront of their lives as the sheer intensity and intricacies of all… READ MORE

My Top 10 Favorite Amps Of All Time

I have been blessed to record in some of the finest studios in the world. From Rumbo Recorders in Canoga Park, Ca. where such classic albums like Rust In Peace, Appetite For Destruction, and Use Your Illusion to name a few, have been recorded, to Sonic Ranch in El Paso, TX. where Bullet For My Valentine, Damageplan… READ MORE

Social Media Is The Musician’s New Bread and Butter

The ongoing debate about music, the record industry and the ability to make a living as an entertainer continues to rage on. Everyone is trying to figure out the right remedy to the situation, to figuratively “stop the bleeding” and to see what will become the next forefront in the monetization of the music business. Some… READ MORE

Rig Rundown – Mike Spreitzer

DevilDriver‘s Mike Spreitzer has taken time out from his busy schedule as our resident rigs and gear expert, to take you through his own live rig. In just five minutes, Mike takes you through his entire setup so you can see which equipment he uses, and why. Check it out below, and don’t forget to… READ MORE

Off The Cuff – The Five Guitars On My Wishlist

I have been lucky enough as an artist to have tremendous support from many amazing music companies and endorsers who have supplied me with some of the best gear that anyone could possibly have, ever! So firstly, thanks to everyone from ESP Guitars, Blackstar Amplification, Dunlop Manufacturing, Maxon, Sennheiser and various other companies over the… READ MORE

Hear DevilDriver’s ‘Waiting For November’ Slowed Down 25% For Extra Heaviness

YouTube user Gabby NYC likes to slow things down, especially incredibly heavy metal tunes. By dropping the tempo of songs by 25%, Gabby gives us an all new perspective on classic tunes by some of metals finest, like Dio, Dokken, Death, DevilDriver, Dark Angel and Alice In Chains. DevilDriver drummer John Boecklin was so impressed… READ MORE