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Iron maiden denmark

My Top Ten Iron Maiden Tracks

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Iron Maiden. In fact, they are probably one of my favorite bands, next to Metallica. Since I have been a teenager I have had an absolute affinity for these guys and just really cannot get enough of their music. Beyond being a fan, their music has… READ MORE

iron maiden the number of the beast cover

Iron Maiden’s ‘Number Of The Beast’ Set to Top UK Christmas Singles Chart?

Fans of Britain’s legendary Iron Maiden are petitioning to make the 1982 classic track ‘Number Of The Beast’ the number one Christmas song in the UK. In previous years, fans in Britain have petitioned for bands such as AC/DC to get their tracks to rise to the top of the charts to celebrate the arrival… READ MORE

My Top 10 Guitar Tones On Metal Albums

The ability to like and understand metal comes from being an active music listener. Most people have music in the background of their lives—to pass the time while driving, at work, or during dinner. Persons that listen to metal place music at the forefront of their lives as the sheer intensity and intricacies of all… READ MORE

Footage Of Iron Maiden Vocalist Bruce Dickinson’s Simulated Aerial Dog Fight Uncovered

Bruce Dickinson is well-known for being an aviation enthusiast and an accomplished airline pilot. How many singers in this world can say they fly the band on a Boeing 757 emblazoned with the band’s logo? Well, Bruce can. From Maiden’s Flight 666 documentary to the aerial dive-bomb of the World War 2-era spitfire plane at the stage… READ MORE

Bookmakers Fancy Iron Maiden, AC/DC to Headline Glastonbury 2015

Just days after Metallica rocked this year’s Glastonbury festival, it appears that the popular opinion is that the band have broken down the barriers for metal acts to headline the event in future years. British bookmaker William Hill is taking bets on who next year’s headliners will be, and at one point had Iron Maiden… READ MORE