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Pantera album cover

Pantera Called ‘Satanic Band’ By Arizona Preacher

Religion and metal, sometimes it works but most often it does not. Religious zealots like to preach their views by using heavy metal as a target. In a recent tirade, an Arizona preacher by the name of Steven Anderson lumped Pantera in with Judas Priest and heavy metal founders Black Sabbath, who’s sheer existence is… READ MORE

Judas Priest single “March of the Damned” debuts guitarist Richie Faulkner

It came as a huge surprise to the world when founding member as well as guitarist K.K. Downing decided to leave Judas Priest. People speculated who would replace the iconic guitarist as the rumors were still around about the bands retirement. In a swift move Judas Priest quickly picked up guitarist Richie Faulkner (he played… READ MORE