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All Axess AMPED: King 810 Are Watching You

Flint, Michigan’s KING 810 are this week’s All Axess AMPED artist and after giving you an introduction to the band and profiling their live show, we thought we’d show one of their more “out there” tracks from the new album, which generally tends toward the heavier side. “Eyes” is the eighth track on the band’s… READ MORE

All Axess AMPED: King 810 – A Live Tour De Force

This week’s All Axess AMPED band are Flint, Michigan’s King 810. Their new album Memoirs of A Murderer is now available on iTunes and is a lot deeper than you’d first imagine an album from a band with this heavy a sound to be. We’ve already gone in-depth on the new cut – check that… READ MORE

King 810 Get AMPED by All Axess

Coming straight out of Flint, Michigan, a place commonly referred to as “Murdertown USA” thanks to an infamous New York Times article from 2011, is King 810, a band that launches a new album this week entitled Memoirs of a Murderer. King 810 will be featuring throughout the week as our AMPED Band of The… READ MORE