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KISS Collaborates with J-Pop Group Momorio Clover Z

KISS Collaborates with J-Pop Group Momorio Clover Z

In what is one of the stranger collaborations to take place in recent memory, KISS have joined up with Japanese pop group MOMORIO CLOVER Z for a single, which will be released on January 28th, 2015. The track is entitled Yume No Ukiyo Ni Saitemina and was composed by Kiss’ Paul Stanley and Greg Collins,… READ MORE

corey taylor

Corey Taylor On Gene Simmons: ‘He Needs To Get Out More’

Slipknot is riding high on the recent release of their newest album, “.5: The Gray Chapter.”  which not surprisingly, debuted on the Billboard top 200 in the number 1 position after selling just over 132,000 copies in the very first week of release. The masked men from Iowa have cemented themselves in the stratosphere of rock… READ MORE

Ace Frehley Will Tour If The Money Makes Sense

Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley is currently working out the economics of going on tour to support his recent solo album Space Invader. Blabbermouth reports that during an interview for Eddie Trunk’s podcast, Frehley was asked how many shows he would playing to promote the new cut, which hit number 9 in the Billboard 200… READ MORE

Gene Simmons Comments On Addicts And Depression; Draws Backlash From Nikki Sixx

Gene Simmons has been in the press quite a lot lately as his comments on various issues from taxes to the one percent have drawn a lot of criticism. The rock icon from KISS never hesitates to speak his mind (although we seriously question his opinions) but nonetheless, Gene is a very, very wealthy and powerful rockstar-he’s… READ MORE

Kiss Frontman Proud Of Being Part Of The One Percent

Politics and music have always had an interesting relationship. Musicians have generally left a lot of their emotions and opinions in the subject matter of songs, lyrics and the themes of their material. It’s very interesting to see when artists convey their political or economic views in such forums as interviews or publications though, and… READ MORE