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Marty Friedman Discusses Babymetal: ‘It Sounds Like Meshuggah With Japanese Pop On Top Of It’

Love or hate Babymetal, it can’t be denied that the band have been gaining a lot of traction in the West this year since the video for ‘Gimme Chocolate!!‘ went viral. Having successfully won over the UK Sonisphere Festival crowd this Summer and then gone on to support Lady Gaga in a string of US… READ MORE

Marty Friedman Goes From Megadeth To Japanese Pop

Marty Friedman is from a long line of accomplished guitarists for the thrash metal pioneers Megadeth. For several years Mr. Friedman was part of what is considered the quintessential Megadeth dynasty and his impressive lead guitar chops helped propel Megadeth to new heights. Alongside Megadeth founder Dave Mustaine, the only member to remain in the… READ MORE