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best guitar riffs of 2014

Total Guitar’s Best Guitar Riffs of 2014 List Will Surprise You…

…well, it’ll surprise most people, anyway. Total Guitar Magazine has conducted a poll to find out what its readers think are the top guitar riffs of 2014, and we’re pretty sure that there will be a fair few people who are surprised by the resulting top list. Settling on the nine top riffs of the… READ MORE

Exclusive: DevilDriver’s John Boecklin Lists Favorite Songwriting/Guitarist Combinations

DevilDriver‘s John Boecklin has been kind enough to send over his exceptional list of “Riff Bros” which, in his own language, personifies some true partnerships in the songwriting arena. So, over to John… I find the following guitar bros to electrify meaning and style out of the stringed rigs of this earth. This list in… READ MORE

Mastodon and Gibby Haynes Team Up For New Track – Download It Here!

Mastodon have teamed up with the Butthole Surfers’ Gibby Haynes for a new track, entitled Atlanta. Adult Swim have kicked off a “Singles” series which will see 16 artists provide a track each over 16 weeks. Other acts on the cards are Sleep, Machinedrum, Tim Hecker and Deafheaven. Check it out below, and if you… READ MORE