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Rig Rundown – Mike Spreitzer

DevilDriver‘s Mike Spreitzer has taken time out from his busy schedule as our resident rigs and gear expert, to take you through his own live rig. In just five minutes, Mike takes you through his entire setup so you can see which equipment he uses, and why. Check it out below, and don’t forget to… READ MORE

Rigs & Gear – Preamp Setup for Recording

What’s the best way of recording audio from your guitars in a home studio or small studio situation? You can’t realistically mic up your speaker cabinets (without it sounding dire) so exactly how do you go about getting the job done? Our resident rigs and gear expert Mike Spreitzer of DevilDriver takes you through his… READ MORE

Gear Geek – Soldering Guitar Cables Part 1

Devildriver guitarist Mike Spreitzer demonstrates how to solder guitar cables, explains why soldering is such an important skill to learn, and shows you the tools for the job.

Gear Geek – Wah Pedals Part 1

In this episode of Gear Geek, Devildriver guitarist Mike Spreitzer shows off his collection of wah pedals, including his favorite Dunlop Cry Baby’s, and his not-so-reliable Boss FV-500H. The video can be found below.   Mike uses several wah pedals, including the Dunlop JC95 Jerry Cantrell Signature Cry Baby wah, which was designed in partnership… READ MORE

Gear Geek – Mike Spreitzer’s Guitars

In this episode of Gear Geek Mike will be running through his collection of guitars, including his four signature series ESP LTD guitars, his first acoustic and electric guitar, as well as his favorite and most-used guitars.   Mike’s first ever guitar was a basic nylon string; he says its sentimental value far outweighs any… READ MORE

Gear Geek – Making Cables

This episode of Gear Geek on making your own audio cables is not the most exciting episode I plan on releasing but I hope it will be one of the most educational and open a new door for many of you. I feel this is a skill almost every guitar player should have. If you… READ MORE

Gear Geek – Noise Gates

Hey everybody! This week All Axess will be debuting a new segment called Gear Geek. Each week we will be releasing a new video featuring a piece of gear, in which I will discuss all aspects of what I like and don’t like about it. I will get into detail about how each unit works… READ MORE