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Exclusive: DevilDriver’s John Boecklin Lists Favorite Songwriting/Guitarist Combinations

DevilDriver‘s John Boecklin has been kind enough to send over his exceptional list of “Riff Bros” which, in his own language, personifies some true partnerships in the songwriting arena. So, over to John… I find the following guitar bros to electrify meaning and style out of the stringed rigs of this earth. This list in… READ MORE

Napalm Death Working On New Album

Napalm Death are currently tracking guitars for a new album set to be released sometime in 2015 via Century Media Records. Russ Russel will be producing the album. Earlier this year the band played a new track entitled, “Dear Slum Landlord” during the Roadburn Festival in The Netherlands. We’re hoping that the album turns out… READ MORE

The Future President Of Indonesia Is A Metal Head?

It is without question that the heavy metal and hard rock culture are a truly niche art form. Although popular over the world, there still isn’t a lot of appeal in certain aspects of society. What may even be less common is the admiration of metal from the political forum. There has been a fair… READ MORE