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Nita Strauss Instagram Photos

Nita Strauss is literally the hottest shredder in the game right now, and we’ve got the pictures to prove it! Not only can she light up a fretboard like nobody’s business, but she can light up a camera too. She epitomizes both California shred and all the hallmarks of a classic SoCal blonde beauty. Think… READ MORE

Who’s The Best Female Guitarist In The World?

Alizee Defan runs a YouTube channel that features nothing but the best of the best female musicians. Drummers, guitarists, singers…they’re all featured, and during the not-so-hot summer of 2013, Defan decided to try to find out who the best female guitar players were, collating a pair of videos featuring some of the hottest riffs from… READ MORE

Nita Strauss Guitar Lesson – Improvisation

Nita Strauss Gives us All A Guitar Lesson A lesson in improvisation in the key of ‘A’ major. The breakdown of the lick allows different approaches and voicing of playing the first 8 notes of the ‘A’ major scale; one is two notes per string and one is three. Nita showcases an interpretation of the… READ MORE

Nita Strauss – Descending Run

AllAxess University (or AxU) is the place to find tutorials and other lessons from some awesome guitarists. We’re going to kick things off with a great lesson on how to play a sweet descending run, by Nita Strauss. This lick showcases a descending tapping run that utilizes pedaling off the 3rd and the 5th of… READ MORE