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Former slayer drummer

Former Slayer Drummer Working On Score For ‘Insidious 3’

Dave Lombardo is one of the pioneers of thrash and speed metal drumming and has been cited by countless musicians as one of their pivotal drumming influences. A very public departure from Slayer saw Lombardo regrouping with his other project Philm and also left the door open to future possibilities. With Lombardo’s resume there would… READ MORE

Phil Anselmo Hints That Kerry King Almost Joined Pantera

Pantera and Down frontman Phil Anselmo has all but revealed that Slayer guitarist Kerry King nearly joined Pantera in the late eighties. In a new interview with Talking Metal, Anselmo recalled meeting King and other Slayer members in a Dallas club in 1988: “Slayer were playing down the street. My boxing coach used to be… READ MORE

My Top 10 Guitar Tones On Metal Albums

The ability to like and understand metal comes from being an active music listener. Most people have music in the background of their lives—to pass the time while driving, at work, or during dinner. Persons that listen to metal place music at the forefront of their lives as the sheer intensity and intricacies of all… READ MORE

Weirdness: You Want Some Slayer With That Pizza?

Chef John Hurkes decided to come up with something a little bit special for metal fans when designing his latest dish. But how on earth do you bake some thrash goodness into something that folks are going to eat? Easy. You make a Slayer-themed pizza. More specifically, you make one that’s set to capture the… READ MORE

Weirdness: Rob Zombie, Gary Holt, Scott Ian to Appear on Top Chef Duels

Yes, you read that headline correctly. If you’re in the US, at 10pm ET/9pm CT tonight – September 10th – you’ll be able to see Rob Zombie, Scott Ian (Anthrax), and Gary Holt (Exodus and Slayer) appear on Bravo TV’s Top Chef Duels as guest judges. The show puts 18 of the most infamous personalities… READ MORE

Slayer Back In Studio?

Slayer’s fans are extremely anxious and excited for the band’s new album as over the past few years, the record has suffered various setbacks. Jeff Hanneman’s untimely passing in 2011 was a massive blow to the metal community and left a lot of people to ponder the future of the band. Hanneman penned some of… READ MORE

Loudwire Picks Their 10 Best American Metal Bands

To honor the achievements made by American metal bands since the insurgence of thrash metal in the 80s, has compiled its list of the 10 Best American Metal Bands. While there is little doubt English bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden set the standard for metal music in the 70s, the… READ MORE