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Grieving Father Plays Guitar For His Dying Baby

A Grieving Father Plays Guitar For His Dying Baby

A truly heartbreaking story from CNN about a man who loses both his wife and his newborn infant son in a matter of days. Everyone knows the power of music and the healing and cathartic properties the art form possesses. Chris Picco is a man who has lost his entire family and in a the span… READ MORE

Linkin Park’s ‘In the End’ Performed In The Styles Of Guns N’ Roses, Korn, The Doors, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin & More

Having a bad day? This might help to put a smile on your dial. YouTube user Anthony Vincent has released a new installment of his hugely popular, “10 Second Songs” series, in which he performs a pop song in a variety of different styles. Check it out below After previously performing Katy Perry‘s “Dark Horse”… READ MORE