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Paolo Gregoletto: Nu-Metal – Revered or Reviled? The Top Ten

Trivium‘s Paolo Gregoletto sat down with us to talk about the cult of nu-metal, how it affected him, and to find out which tracks made his “Nu-list.” The summer of 1999, with its JNCO jeans, ball chain necklaces, candy bracelets, masked bands, fishnet shirts, and a “nu” sub genre in full bloom. There was a… READ MORE

Remembering Dimebag Darrel

Remembering Dimebag Darrell: Trivium’s Paolo Gregoletto

We asked Trivium’s Paolo Gregoletto to pen some memories and thoughts about Dimebag Darrell Abbott on this, the 10th anniversary of the legendary Pantera and Damageplan axeman’s death. This is what he had to say: I have two vivid memories of Dimebag Darrell from 2004. I unfortunately missed the last Pantera tour to ever happen…. READ MORE

trivium paolo gregoletto

Trivium’s Paolo Gregoletto: My All-Time Top 5 Guitarists

When you consider the sheer amount of talented guitarists that have rattled our brains with ear-crushing solos and killer riffs, it’s tough to reduce things down to a definitive top five list. The same could be said for bands, albums, or even album tracks. But, that’s the tast that we set Trivium‘s Paolo Gregoletto. We… READ MORE

Matt Heafy Tells You How to Tour Properly During Summer Months

Guitar World’s 2014 issue will feature an interview with Trivium guitarist Matt Heafy. Within the interview, Guitar World asked Heafy for some tips and tricks for bands who may be touring with outdoor festivals during the summer months, mainly because it gets really freaking hot! In response to being asked how he would win over… READ MORE

Trivium – Caustic Are The Ties That Bind

Paolo Gregoletto of Trivium shows you exactly how to play the bass part of the band’s killer Caustic Are The Ties That Bind from In Waves.