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Kenny is a sports and music fanatic, who has taken his love of both to the next level through his writing. He has been writing for many world-famous organizations for over 3 years, and plans to do so for the rest of his life. If you wish to read more of his entertainment and sports articles, then check them out here.

How Important Is The Internet For Modern Day Rock Groups?

Although groups like Slipknot and Guns N’ Roses made it in the music industry through good old fashioned hard work, times have changed and for some, the old method will no longer work, or at the very least, there’s quicker ways of doing things for the modern day rock group. It seems like yesterday it… READ MORE

Are Music Holidays For Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Download & BST The Way Forward?

There are millions of people living their life just like you, yet there’s no other you. You have so many qualities that others understand, and there’s so much about others that quite possibly infuriates you. However, one thing we all share is the love of music, and the love of live music. Festivals like Glastonbury,… READ MORE

After Rocking Hyde Park Could Black Sabbath Retire? Or Will They Collaborate With Tom Jones?

Black Sabbath have been there, got the t-shirt, then ripped it up and done it all over again, bit could they call it a day and retire? After heavy touring, they finished their hard work by headlining the BST Festival at London’s Hyde Park. However, the band have little planned, and for various reasons, they… READ MORE

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