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Nate Williams

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Nate is a connoisseur of all things metal, as well as books, guitar, and the abnormal. His favourites are King (both Stephen & Kerry), Hunter Thompson, Wylde, Mustaine, and many more.

Fan Funded Tours – The New Future of Touring?

With the expensive cost of touring, scheduling and arranging a tour is becoming more prohibitive for upcoming and even seasoned bands. Many of them are sticking to larger markets and avoiding the smaller, intimate venues to cover the costs associated with their whole tour. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl… READ MORE

Track By Track: Metallica’s Ride The Lightning Still Electrifying 30 Years Later

Metallica’s second album, “Ride the Lightning”, turns 30 this month. Having been released during a time when the airwaves were filled with soft rock and the budding sounds of the electronic 1980s signature sound, this was a much-needed shock to the radio and start of the emergence of the Big Four. The album was released… READ MORE

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