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Nita Strauss – Descending Run

AllAxess University (or AxU) is the place to find tutorials and other lessons from some awesome guitarists. We’re going to kick things off with a great lesson on how to play a sweet descending run, by Nita Strauss.

This lick showcases a descending tapping run that utilizes pedaling off the 3rd and the 5th of the scale. While the entire lick descends, the right hand slides in between various notes to give the feel of descending and ascending movement and thus creates a more complex atmosphere. The final part of the lick resolves quite well with a final shape of a 5th power chord which again taps between the root and the 5th of the scale.

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  • Buschman

    Is there any way that we can find the backing track that she’s using in this lesson? Btw, I love this technique!

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