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Bomb Found In Pink Floyd Frontman Dave Gilmour’s Home

Dave Gilmour, the guitarist and vocalist from the legendary Pink Floyd, was forced to evacuate from his holiday home recently after a bomb was discovered there.


Builders working on the £3m ($4.8m) mansion in Hove, East Sussex made the discovery while renovating the six-story property yesterday.
Gilmour’s wife, Polly Samsun informed the public of the family’s ordeal via Twitter. “They’ve found a bomb under our building site!” she reported. “We think it’s a bit of old pipe but MoD on their way.”
Despite Samsun’s skepticism, a Navy disposal team was promptly called in to deal with the situation and found the suspicious-looking item to be a German bomb, dating back to World War II. All explosive material was quickly removed, and the site later declared safe.
“They’ve taken away our bomb. Incendiary but missing bit that makes it go bang,” Tweeted Samsun.

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