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Christian Olde Wolbers – “Cyberwaste” All Axess Video Lesson


Former Fear Factory guitarist/bassist and current Arkaea guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers recently picked up his 7-string Jackson, and sat down with All Axess to show you how to play ‘Cyberwaste,’ from Fear Factory’s ‘04 album ‘Archetype.’ You can watch the full video lesson below.


“I’ve seen some YouTube videos and some really funny versions of the song [Cyberwaste,] and bastard versions of the song. So I’m gonna lay it down, so you guys can check it out,” commented Christian on his reasoning for choosing the song.


‘Archetype,’ was the first album with Wolbers on guitar, marking a new era in Fear Factory’s history. Wolbers inclusion on guitar saw the bands sound return to more familiar roots, bearing a closer resemblance to their first albums, ‘Soul of a New Machine,’ and their immortal classic ‘Demanufacture,’ to its predecessor, ‘Digimortal.’


Wolbers parted ways with Fear Factory in ’09, and went on to form Arkaea with former bandmate and renowned metal drummer Raymond Herrera. Together with Threat Signal vocalist Jon Howard and bassist Pat Kavanagh, Arkaea combine the elements, which saw Fear Factory become a powerhouse in industrial metal, with the raw, emotional melody that gives Arkaea their unique sound. Regarding Arkaea’s writing process, Wolbers has said, “These songs were designed like the Fear Factory songs that Raymond and I always wrote. However, we’ve been able to push the boundaries and go out of that context, while remaining heavy.”


Click Here to view the Christian Olde Wolbers ‘Cyberwaste’ Video Lesson.



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