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Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Discusses Original Lineup Reunion

Guns N’ Roses guitarist DJ Ashba says that he doesn’t believe a reformation of the bands original lineup will ever occur.


Speaking with Banana 101.5 FM the guitarist said, “…my honest opinion is that I don’t ever foresee that happening, to be honest just from what I know.”

Ashba said that if, in the unlikely event the reunion did eventuate; he wouldn’t be offended if he was told to step aside. “No, not at all…I would be the first person in line to buy a ticket, that’s for sure. So I have no problem with it whatsoever.”

What the future holds for Guns N’ Roses is anybody’s guess. What we do know is that at the moment, there are three very talented guitarists in the band Asbha, Bumblefoot and Richard Fortus. Asbha described how the trio decides on who will play what part. “We kinda just sit back and say, ‘You wanna take this?’ or ‘You take that?’…I think we all have so much respect for each other as far as musicians and friends and what not. It’s really just kick back and lay back and we kinda all three know. We all three have very different styles of playing and I think it’s like, ‘Hey, you do this and I’ll do that.’”

From Slash to Buckethead, Guns N’ Roses has always had at least one elite guitarist in its ranks. Ashba says that the riffs that Buckethead, wrote for the bands most-recent album, ‘Chinese Democracy’ are the most challenging to learn. “Definitely as far as technically hard, those would be the most difficult stuff. I just have a lot of fun, every song we do…it’s been a lot of fun to do.”

Ashba says that the most amazing thing about joining Guns N’ Roses, is its fans, “I’ve played arenas and stadiums many times before in my life but I just didn’t realize…I think the thing that blew me away the most was how just incredible crazy the fans are. They’re so hardcore — they definitely make you win them over. Their definitely not the type of fans that are like ‘Okay, here’s the new guy. We love him,’ which is cool, I love that.”

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