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James Hetfield, “We Can’t Be Metallica Anymore”


Metallica frontman James Hetfield has announced that the legendary thrash metal band has decided to call it a day. According to Ultimate Guitar, Hetfield dropped the bombshell in an official statement, which can be read below.
“We’ve been doing this for 30 years. At a certain point, we all realized we wanted to explore new territories musically,” the renowned frontman explained.
He added that the bands recent project with Lou Reed awoke each member’s mind to new musical directions.“The project with Lou Reed [‘Lulu’] seemed to awaken a desire to move on to new musical horizons. It’s come to that time; we can’t be Metallica anymore.”
Hetfield concluded by saying that he, and his former bandmates will continue to release music.“But fear not, you’ll be hearing new music from each of us in the future.”
While it is all speculation, Metallica members have recently mentioned who they may be working with in the future. It is rumored that guitarist Kirk Hammett will once again be teaming up with Lou Reed for a concept album that explores the dynamic range of his favorite electric guitar effect- the wah pedal. “The wah pedal is pure expression, much like Lou Reed’s voice. Everything on the album – percussion, vocals, guitars, bass – will go through a wah pedal,” Hammett has previously said.
Drummer Lars Ulrich has expressed his interest in working with renowned shock rocker Marilyn Manson. “I’ve been drawn more to the artistic side of heavy metal – with a guy like Manson, I think I’ll be satisfied artistically. We’ve gotten together a few times and thrown some ideas around.”
Bassist Robert Trujillo in recent times has been openly dissatisfied with the band, calling Ulrich a, “tool” and Hetfield a, “control freak.” According to Ultimate Guitar, he plans on returning to his previous band, Suicidal Tendencies.
It is not yet known what impact the decision will have on Metallica’s upcoming shows and planned album.
Stay tuned for more details.
This is perhaps not the best news to kick off the month of April…

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