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Journey Guitarist Neal Schon Being Sued By Playboy Playmate


Journey guitarist Neal Schon, is being sued by his ex-girlfriend and former Playboy Playmate of the month Ava Fabian.


The pair had been involved in a, “marriage like relationship” that started in February of 2010 and ended in September this year. During this time, an “express oral non-marital relationship agreement” was made; it is Fabian’s claim that the lead guitarist broke the agreement, and therefore, believes that she is entitled to $25,000.

The agreement made between Fabian and Schon stated that the guitarist would support Fabian during their time together, and if the two ever broke it off, he would continue the support her for a limited time. Fabian alleges breach of express contract, constructive trust, money ”had & received,” intentional infliction of emotional distress and ”quantum meruit” — payment for services performed in the absence of a contract.

In the lawsuit, which was filed by Beverly Hills attorney Evan Sussman, it states that, “After the end of their romantic relationship, defendant began contacting third parties and disparaging plaintiff’s sexuality.” It also says that the, ”Defendant accused plaintiff that she was a lesbian and this was the cause of the termination of the parties’ romantic relationship.”

Fabian, who was playmate of the month in August of ’86, claims that she, ”devoted her sole time, and energy” to managing Schon’s affairs. Her efforts included making the residence ”presentable for parties and gatherings,” attending to Schon’s mother and his children from other relationships, and attending ”to his every need to the detriment of her own career and livelihood,” the suit says.

Fabian claims the promotional opportunities she declined because of Schon’s personal demands included a lingerie line and ”her latest revisited Play Boy layout of May 2010.”
There is a court date scheduled for April.

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