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K.K. Downing, “I Couldn’t Continue With The Way I Felt Inside”

Former Judas Priest guitarist and founding member K.K. Downing has given his reasons for leaving the band. You can watch the entire video interview below.


After more than forty years with Judas Priest, Downing surprised fans worldwide, by announcing that he had quit and would not be joining the band for their recent Epitaph World Tour.
Speaking with The Valley Radio Online, Downing said, “It was a set of circumstance that led me to not go out this year…it pretty much came down to an unsettlement, on my part, with working relationships… I wasn’t happy with the way things were… I thought it’s probably best I step down, and I did.” Downing didn’t go into detail on what was behind the fallout, saying, “…certain reasons I will never, ever disclose.”
While many reasons have been given for his sudden departure, like Downing left so that he could concentrate on his golf, or that his aging body could no longer take the pressures of being in such a huge band, it seems that none of them are the case. From watching the interview, it is apparent that Downing would have liked to have stayed with Priest, but couldn’t because of his poor relationships with other band members. “I wish things could have been different so that I could have continued on…It was a hard bullet to bite… I couldn’t continue with the way I felt inside.”
Despite his differences with his former bandmates, Downing still reflects on his career with great pride. “It’s been a long, good career. I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to achieve all of my goals… We had a lot of great years.”

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