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Last week, All Axess brought you an exclusive interview with Joe Hottinger of Halestorm. This week, Jeff Kendrick sat down to speak to Mike Martin of All That Remains to talk guitars, the band's new album, and a whole lot more. Check it out below! The new All That Remains album is ... READ MORE
Interview with Mike Martin of All That Remains

10 Reasons Why Mark Tremonti Rules

Posted 6th Feb, 2015
What makes a great guitarist? Most would agree that skills or songwriting would be the main elements that give a guitarist great distinction. The simple fact is that when you have the ability to write and play, it's even more indicative of greatness, prestige and eventual accolades. Mark Tremonti has all ... READ MORE
10 Reasons Why Mark Tremonti Rules
Demanufacture still stands up to any metal record out there. Los Angeles' Fear Factory formed in 1990 and have released a slew of albums, but it was 1995's Demanufacture which catapulted them into cyber-metal legend status. At a time where Nu-Metal was reigning supreme, Fear Factory not only set the ... READ MORE
Fear Factory Demanufacture cover

All Axess Is Now On Vine!

Posted 4th Feb, 2015
All Axess has faced down the zeitgiest and jumped into the wonderful world of Vine! From our Vine account, you'll get regular tips and short tutorials from the main man, Jeff Kendrick. Head on over to our Vine page now and follow us, so you'll always get our latest Vines, containing ... READ MORE
All Axess On Vine!
A couple of weeks ago, we asked you to take a moment and glance through a list of every one of In This Moment's tracks. We then tasked you with selecting your five favourite songs from the list, in no particular order. In Chris Howorth's op-ed piece for All Axess, ... READ MORE
Reader Poll Results: Your Favourite In This Moment Tracks Revealed!

Tell Us Your Super Bowl Pick!

Posted 1st Feb, 2015
What is arguably the biggest annual sporting event on earth takes place today, on the first day of February. Yep, it's Super Bowl Sunday. A lot has led up to this year's bowl; "Deflategate" tops the list, as well as Marshawn Lynch's denial to speak to the media instead emphatically stating, ... READ MORE
Super Bowl Pick!
In 2003, the metal world was quite a different scene. The internet and downloading of music was not the pandemic that it is now, although it was getting started. Bands that existed around this time saw more organic growth as opposed to becoming internet sensations overnight or utilizing the internet ... READ MORE
Hate crew deathroll album cover
Last week, we posted the first part of our three-part interview with Björn Gelotte of In Flames. Today, we're bringing you the second part, in which Björn discusses his biggest obstacles as a guitarist, his goals, his Gibson Les Paul, and which song was hardest for him to learn. We'll have the ... READ MORE
All Axess Exclusive: Björn Gelotte of In Flames Interview Part 2
At All Axess, we pride ourselves on bringing you the biggest news and hottest interviews from the world of rock and metal. With that in mind, our very own Jeff Kendrick sat down to chat to Joe Hottinger of Halestorm in an exclusive 30-minute-plus interview. Joe talks about his first guitar, ... READ MORE
Interview with Joe Hottinger of Halestorm
Just over a week ago, we asked you to take a look through all of Asking Alexandria's album tracks, with the goal being to choose your five favourites from the bunch. A lot has happened since then. We broke the news that Danny Worsnop has left the band to concentrate on ... READ MORE
Favourite Asking Alexandria Tracks

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