10 Reasons Children of Bodom’s ‘Hate Crew Deathroll’ Rules

10 Reasons Children of Bodom’s ‘Hate Crew Deathroll’ Rules

In 2003, the metal world was quite a different scene. The internet and downloading of music was not the pandemic that it is now, although it was getting started. Bands that existed around this time saw more organic growth as opposed to becoming internet sensations overnight or utilizing the internet to broadcast their songs to the world, accruing fans. Children of Bodom was one of the bands that had enormous buzz in 2003 but not as much success in the States as they had internationally. A lot of bands in Europe and other countries faced this dilemma as the USA was considered to be the toughest of all markets to crack, and the final word in the music scene. The buzz from records really was the driving force to a band’s success. There weren’t any YouTube sensations or even a generation of YouTube shredders gaining popularity. You released a great record and toured extensively behind it.

Sure the internet started to detract from sales, but it was not the full on changing of the guard. Not yet, that is.

To me, Hate Crew Deathroll is the quintessential Bodom record. It embodies all the attributes one of my favorite bands in the metal scene and was the album that propelled them to be one of the most popular bands of their time. Lead by the Randy Rhoads of our generation, Alexi Laiho , the guitarist will go down as one of the first young shredders that really pushed the envelope of guitar playing.

One of my favorites to this day, the guy can do no wrong in my book. I am here to tell you my top ten reasons for why this record crushes.

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