10 Reasons Why Kerry King Is The Satan of Shred

It is virtually impossible to go to any concert these days and not heard the obligatory “SLAYERRRR” scream at some point during the lull of the music. Formed in 1981 by guitarists Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King, Slayer has gone on to be the seminal thrash metal group, largely responsible for not only being purveyors of the metal music movement, but one of the few acts who continue to fly the flag for metal. Sadly, in 2013, one of the group’s founders Jeff Hanneman passed away after complications from a spider bite. Both King and Hanneman are cited as two of the most recognizable metal guitarists, both of whom have unique styles and have spawned a slew of imitators. They were the main song writing duo of Slayer and were responsible for penning the dark, foreboding and “in your face” lyrics that make Slayer the iconic band they are.

With Hanneman’s passing, King has been the remaining guitarist. Every band has a member that is most recognizable, and King has always been the public face of Slayer with his outspoken opinions, poignant lyrics and being one of the godfathers of the thrash/speedmetal genre. Physically, the stocky guitarist with a shaved head embalmed with world famous tattoo artist Paul Booth’s demonic artwork, is definitely a stand out in any crowd. Beyond his imposing figure, Mr. King’s opinions and honesty make him someone that will truly go down in history as one of the most “metal” people who has ever walked the earth. One of 2015’s most anticipated releases will be the new Slayer album. A staple in the live music world, there are few bands that will ever eclipse Slayer as well as few bands that will ever be able to follow them on the concert stage.

Slayer is set to release their 11th studio album via Nuclear Blast records sometime in 2015. Here are the 10 reasons why guitarist Kerry King is one of the most prominent guitarists in metal. Click the blue button to get started!

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