2112: The Place Where Meat and Metal Join Forces!

In Flames are one of the biggest bands to ever come out of Sweden, cultivators of the Gothenburg sound that has been emulated by countless bands, sick musicians, and all around nice guys. I have been lucky to tour with these fine gentlemen on many occasions. Their personalities only reinforce their talent and musicianship; they are stellar. Always hospitable, always offering friends a beer to drink – they are the life of the party.

When I heard that Peter Iwers and Bjorn Gelotte were opening a restaurant/bar in Gothenberg, Sweden, I was overjoyed. Firstly, the place is called ‘2112’ – named after the infamous Rush record (definitely a good start there.) I have been lucky enough to visit the location on three separate occasions and my favorite Swedes were there for two of them. So, let’s talk about the food. Firstly, the BEST BURGER EVER!!!! I recommend the 2112 Famous Burger burger. It really is fantastic. 6 oz. American-ground prime rib with truffle mayonnaise, salad, beef tomato, red onions, Swedish aged Prästost – it’s completed by being served on bread made by the restaurant themselves. Great stuff! The coleslaw is an absolute must as well.

Let’s speak about the atmosphere – it’s definitely a rock and roll restaurant, from the moniker that is branded on the windows outside, to the back room complete with awesome photos of In Flames with pretty much every rockstar from King Diamond through to Dio. Upon entering the back room, it’s easy to see how big the boys from Gothenburg have become. We did some interviews (check out part one and part two of those interviews) and hung out and had quite a few drinks!

Now let’s get to the best part of the visit – the bar! An awesome selection of beers, micro-brews, a lot of local beers and some great whiskeys and spirits. In Flames knows alcohol and knows how to have a great time, so it is not surprising that there are an abundance of fine drinks to choose from. The staff is friendly and if you are an In Flames fan you just may run into these guys while they are off tour. It’s not a loud club with blaring metal music, but a great place for good food and great company. We highly recommend it!

2112 Website: http://restaurant2112.com