Alter Bridge’s ‘One Day Remains’ Turns 10

Alter Bridge’s ‘One Day Remains’ Turns 10

Any successful musician who gets a second chance at fame in their career these days is an extreme rarity. Most find it extremely difficult to reach the heights of their first project with a second. The odds are definitely not in their favour, given the number of new bands releasing music every week.

Mark Tremonti is perhaps one of the most underrated guitar players in the rock and metal genre. His love for metal as well – as his technical prowess – prove how legitimate of a player he is. Beyond his abilities, his songwriting in Creed elevated the band to superstar status, selling over 40 million albums worldwide and turning them into something of a phenomenon everywhere.

Alter Bridge saw a new opportunity for Tremonti and other Creed members Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall. When the group was rounded out by vocalist Myles Kennedy, arguably the best singer in rock right now, they were destined for greatness. After over a decade, they have released some excellent albums. Today, All Axess is here to speak about 10 reasons why One Day Remains kicks some serious ass!

1.) Any successful musician rarely gets a second chance, as we’ve mentioned. It is so difficult these days for any musician that has had success to redefine themselves in a new band. Whether it is the record label diffusing the new offering in lieu of a new record from their established band, or not leveraging existing fanbases, rarely do any new bands have a modicum of success after an already successful career. This record proved that even though it’s difficult, it’s definitely possible.

2.) Mark Tremonti and the rest of the Creed members proved that they could write awesome hard rock and metal songs. All the riffs, tunings and song structure are rooted in the heavy music that clearly Alter Bridge members are fans of. One Day Remains was the album that re-defined their musical abilities.

3.) Myles Kennedy is the best singer in rock and a hell of a guitar player. This record was the first step that allowed him to begin his ascent into this position. In addition, not only does Alter Bridge have one great guitarist in Tremonti, but Myles is a formidable player as well. He even gives Slash lessons – enough said!

4.) Radio rock needs a band like Alter Bridge. In a world of convoluted songs on the radio where nothing stands out from one song to the next, these guys bring a heavy and fresh approach to music. One Day Remains received significant attention and helped keep heavy music in the forefront.

5.) Famed composer David Campbell (who has collectively 450 platinum and gold records to his name) performed strings on the album.

6.) After being released, One Day Remains  was certified ‘Gold’ in the United States (over 500,000 copies sold) by the RIAA and was Myles Kennedy’s first plaque.

7.) The album contains the rocking track ‘Metalingus‘ which has become a fan favorite as well as a regular song in the live set.

8.) Cult film Donnie Darko was the inspiration for the album name after a set of title cards from the movie.

9.) The debut features songs written by all band members, collectively.

10.) Because One Day Remains is one of the best debuts we have heard in a long time!

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