AMPED Exclusive: Downfall 2012 Interview

AMPED Exclusive: Downfall 2012 Interview

Texan rockers Downfall 2012 are our All Axess AMPED artist of the week and have been generating a nice bit of buzz over the last couple of days. We decided to sit down with the band’s Daniel Gil to get some answers to our burning questions.


AA: First off, can you explain the name Downfall 2012 to any readers that may be unfamiliar with you? What’s the meaning behind it?

Daniel: As a kid I was always intrigued and somewhat obsessed with the many projected “Dooms Days”. I read about dozens passed, and (at the time) many still to come. However, 2012 always stuck out to me as mysterious yet hopeful. “The end of the world AS WE KNOW IT”, as if those who survived whatever planned catastrophic events would be introduced to an entirely different world and way of life. In a way it made that Apocalypse a more hopeful one. The band had been running under the name Downfall already, so I saw it fit to tack on the 2012 to make it more our own. Our music reflected, and still reflects, great endings and new beginnings.

In one sentence, how would you describe Downfall 2012’s musical style?

Downfall 2012 offers a well formulated aggressive, progressive, and original sound involving components of metal, punk, hard rock, alternative, and industrial.

Who are your biggest influences?

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pantera, Tech N9ne, Nine Inch Nails, Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson, and the list goes on and on…

Of the shows that you’ve played, which gig was your favorite, and why?

The NEXT one coming! We are always thankful to have a show to look forward to.. Big and small! In addition we have had some epic shows at House of Blues Houston, a great venue also in Houston called Scout Bar, another by the name of Acadia, and finally our home dives Crazy Girl Saloon and Cash County Line (Where we filmed “Heckler”) Everything from Concert halls to rowdy dive bars!

You’re currently working on a three-part EP series, with two of the three episodes currently available. How has that experience been for you? Do you think it’s been more effective than releasing a full album straight out of the gate?

Yes and no. The process has been really exciting and with each release we seem to gain popularity. The down side is that as many doors and opportunities open, we have had no choice but to delay each record way beyond the original projected release dates. For the amount of time, its a relatively small body of work, but it helps the audience to really get to know all of the songs a little better and leaves them wanting more. Post “Everyman for Himself”, I do believe the plans are in motion for a full-length record.

What are your plans once the trifecta of EPs is complete?

As of now we plan to tour regionally to support the final release. We have a large body of work we’ve been writing in addition to “Everyman for himself”. It is up in the air whether we will begin production on that before or after touring nationally again. Stay tuned!

You’ve been playing shows mainly in your local area this year and have built up quite a following. Are there any plans to go on tour and take Downfall 2012 further afield in the near future?

Yes. We are no strangers to touring though it has been a couple years since we’ve really gone at it. The key is to plan it out right in regards to deciding which geographic markets make most sense, and how to promote effectively. We are in the early process of sorting these things out potentially for Spring 2015. Fingers Crossed!

Finally (and again, for readers that may be unfamiliar with the band), if you could recommend a single Downfall 2012 track for our readers to listen to, which one would it be, and why?

“Heckler” is a great first listen. It will grab your attention right away and is easy to sing along to, fists in the air, and heads banging! However, I strongly recommend digging further into what we have out there. As a band we favor some of the songs you gotta hear a couple times but you’ll love forever!


We’d like to thank Daniel for taking the time to answer our questions, and as the man himself recommended it…here’s the band’s official video to ‘Heckler.’

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