Asking Alexandria’s Ben Bruce: “People Are P-ssies Now, No One’s An Alcoholic Anymore” recently caught up with Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce and frontman Danny Worsnop for their thoughts on the current music scene and how it compares to eras gone by. The full video interview can be viewed below.
“People are saying, ‘Radio’s dying now, radio’s useless,’ Bruce began. “But that’s completely not true.” Instead, Bruce and Worsnop argued that it was today’s bands that were killing the radio’s appeal: “It’s just the bands that, honestly, suck,” Worsnop said. “Everybody sounds exactly the same. They have this formula and they just all copy it and they all use it and write the same song and it sucks.”
Bruce pointed out that the rebellious, drug & alcohol fueled nature of rock had dissipated: “People are p-ssies now, no one’s an alcoholic anymore.”
“I know, seriously, get a drug problem!” Worsnop chirped in.
The duo said that a lack of issues among musicians made for a lack of heart-felt music: “It’s an issue, that’s why the music’s lacking,” Bruce continued.
Worsnop agreed: “Who wants to listen to song about, ‘Oh, we’re middle class and stuff’s all right, we got money, we ain’t got a lot of it, but we’re doing OK, we’re not struggling, we’re right there.’ That’s a song? F-k off! I’ve got two kids and a wife and we’ve got a golden retriever and we live in the suburbs … Rock n’ roll! … Now scream for me!’ And everyone’s like, ‘No.’”
Bruce then took aim at Metallica: “They’re a different breed, they’re untouchable. They’re sh-t now and they’re still the biggest band in the world.”
Wornop sarcastically added: “Great drummer!”

Asking Alexandria is currently on tour in support of their latest album, ‘From Death To Destiny.’ A full list of dates can be found here.