Avenue of the Giants Get AMPED By All Axess

Avenue of the Giants Get AMPED By All Axess

This week’s All Axess AMPED artist is Atlanta, GA’s Avenue of the Giants.

The band features former Lazyeye vocalist Devon LeWow and former REHAB guitarist Foz Rock, who started out as a writer duo back in 2011. During his time with REHAB, Foz felt that his life was spiralling out of control, but when a friend took him to the famous Avenue of the Giants which runs through Huboldt Redwoods State Park in Northern California, Foz had an awakening. Feeling in-tune and grateful about life, he named the band after a once-in-a-lifetime experience that has influenced him from then on. Devon and Foz realized during their writing that they both felt that something special was happening with their work, and they parlayed those skills into the band that they are today. On tour, multi-instrumentalis Justin Aldrich and drummer Darrick Atwater will join the pair to complete the lineup.

Avenue of the Giants recorded and mixed their debut album Just Between Us at Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta back on September 9th and have released a pair of videos to help promote the new cut.

The first video we’ll feature this week is easily one of our favourite new songs of the year, and has just been picked up by the NFL to feature in broadcasts for the 2014-2015 season. The track is entitled “Burn” and you can watch and listen to it below.

Later this week, we’ll bring you more videos – including a very cool live track – from the band, as well as an All Axess AMPED EXCLUSIVE interview! The band self-recorded and mixed the record at the world-renowned Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta.

Until then, you can follow the band on Facebook, on Twitter, on YouTube, and of course, you can purchase Just Between Us from your favourite music outlet. It’s available in most places, including iTunes UK, iTunes US, Amazon UK, and Amazon US.

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