All Axess Exclusive: Massive Discuss New Album & Life On The Road

All Axess Exclusive: Massive Discuss New Album & Life On The Road

Since forming in 2012, Australian hard rockers and this week’s AMPED Artist, Massive have developed a reputation as one of the most hard-rocking, hard-working and hard-partying bands on the scene. Known by fans for their hi-octane live shows and by the law for crazy antics like bringing back most of the crowd to their hotel for after-hours parties, the band is fast becoming a rock band of the future.

Massive’s debut album, ‘Full Throttle’ was released independently in Australia in 2013 and earned the band international recognition and a record deal with Earache Records. The album was released internationally in July this year via Earache along with four newly-recorded bonus tracks not available on the original release, including two brand new original songs plus covers of AC/DC’s ‘If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)’ and Aerosmith’s ‘Rats in the Cellar.’

As Massive continue their rapid journey to the forefront of modern rock ‘n’ roll by blowing the minds of crowd after crowd on their current tour of Europe with Blackberry Smoke, All Axess was able to catch up with the band to discuss ‘Full Throttle’ and to get some insight into their life on the road. Check it out below.

It’s now been a few months since the international release of your debut album, ‘Full Throttle,’ how do you think it has done?

The response has been insane, sales have been great. It’s still hard to comprehend when we get people from all over the world enjoying our album. We’re stoked our music is getting out there for people to rock out to.


The album is filled with upbeat, hard-rocking anthems – the opening track ‘One By One’ and track 9 ‘Now Or Never’ really spring to mind – was this your intention from the start?

When we started Massive we had this idea of hitting people hard from the very start. We had done the shitty half empty pubs with other bands, we wanted to make a rock n roll album that you head bang to. We’re adrenaline fuelled rockers so the debut album was always gonna be full throttle.



Your sound has several elements of 1970s and 80s rock, who would you say are your greatest influences from that era?

From that era, Zeppelin, Gunners, ACDC, Motörhead, Thin Lizzy, Aerosmith. You know the good shit. Saying that we try not to be a carbon copy of those bands. We’re influenced by anything that sounds good which is why there are different elements on the album. We’re rock n roll for 2014.


As a band, you have already earned a reputation for your crazy live shows. What should newcomers expect when they arrive at a Massive show?

Anything goes, beer soaked, sweaty rock party. Our live shows are a chance to leave all the shit things in your life at the door, you come in and just have a good time!



Being from Australia, you must be used to travelling vast distances to play shows, what is your number one tip for staying sane on the road?

I would say sleep but the only thing we do better than driving vast distances is doing all nighters partying till sunrise. I can’t give any tips for staying sane, you just have to be mentally prepared to be mentally drained by the end of it.


Do you have any crazy stories from the road you would like to share?

Haha, where do I start? Probably the most f***ed up story was our trip to Brisbane. We drove 20 hours from the bottom to the top of Australia overnight to rock up at this “rock” venue. The stage was covered in signs “no beer on stage, no feet on foldback”. The sound guy was shit and the power was dodgy 6 songs in they cut us off for being too rowdy, so we got the whole crowd to start chanting “you are a wanker” at the security. We walked off stage got absolutely hammered and slept in their carpark because we had no where else to go. 1000 miles for 6 songs and a bad hangover. Rock n roll. 


‘Full Throttle’ features two covers, AC/DC’s ‘If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)” and Aerosmith’s ‘Rats in the Cellar.’ What made you decide to cover those particular tracks?

We play a show for Bon Scott’s birthday every year to celebrate the great man so it was only fitting we rocked out a Bon era ACDC song. With Rats in the Cellar, it’s one of the hardest rocking songs from the 70s and we wanted to put our own interpretation and production on something so raw and rock. I think/hope we do them justice.  



As well as touring the UK and Germany with The Treatment, you were recently announced as the main supporting act on Blackberry Smoke’s upcoming European tour. Tell us about that.

Blackberry smoke are label mates with us at Earache Records. And while they are a different breed of rock than us they still rock hard. It’s going to be an epic few weeks with those guys, they tour 250 shows a year so we can definitely learn a thing or 2 from them.


How would you compare the international scene to Australia?

We haven’t seen enough of the international scene to comment yet but Australia is full of international talent playing the corner pubs and bars every night of the week. A shout out to a few local bands who are rocking here and overseas: Electric Mary, Dead City Ruins, Dirt River Radio The Deep End, Twenty Two hundred, Black Aces, and Tracer all have toured Europe in the last year and you can see all of them down at the local for a beer. Melbourne is a rock n roll city and the world better be listening.


What are your plans for 2015?

More touring. We are coming back to Europe. I can announce without giving too much away we have already locked in some shows around June so watch this space. Our plan is to play every last inch of this planet.


Anything else you would like to add?

Buy our album come to a gig get a few beers into ya and have a good f***en time.



Dates for the Massive’s tour with Blackberry Smoke can be found here.

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