All Axess Exclusive: Q&A With Ricard Harryson Of Spiders

All Axess Exclusive: Q&A With Ricard Harryson Of Spiders

Two years on from the release of Swedish rock group, Spiders’ hugely successful debut album, ‘Flash Point,’ the group is back with an even bolder follow-up, ‘Shake Electric.’ Fresh off the back of tours with Metallica, Kvelertak and Graveyard, Spiders entered the studio in their hometown of Gothenburg with producer Mattias Glava (Dungeon) to record a far more diverse album, which incorporated metal and punk with 70s style rock. Each instrument was recorded live and unlike on ‘Flash Point,’ each member of the group contributed to the album’s writing process, giving it a, “very stylish but never polished sound.”

All Axess recently caught up with Spiders drummer Ricard Harryson to ask him about ‘Shake Electric’ and the pressures of writing the all-important second album, as well as the bands current tour, their plans for 2015 and more. Check it out below.

You recently released your sophomore album, ‘Shake Electric,’ how’s the response been so far?

It’s been great! We had a lot of good reviews so far and people seems to like the new songs when we play live. We are very happy and thankful!

After the success of your debut album, ‘Flashpoint,’ did you feel any additional pressure to make the new album special?

I don’t think we felt any pressure at all. We were just focused on doing something else with Shake Electric. Both sound wise and how we arranged the songs, mixing softer parts with harder ones, using piano and a lot of choirs.

The band has clearly grown musically since the release of ‘Flashpoint,’ what would you attribute to this?

Well, we have played a lot since our last album was released. We have become more of a unit. We are also good friends who hang out with each other when we’re not playing. I think that’s equally important.

Do you have a favorite track on the album?

I really like Give Up the Fight cause it’s somewhat different. Sometimes you are afraid a song won’t fit or isn’t ‘you’. But it always is in the end. You just have to trust your guts.

All of your members contributed to the writing process of this album. Did this make it easier or harder to write it?

It made it easier, I think. Some songs is easier than others. I don’t know why, but you can come up with a whole song, from the beginning to the end, in no time. Than you can get stuck with a riff for a year, not coming anywhere. It’s a strange thing, making music. Knowing what’s good and what’s not.

Do you think involving everyone in the writing process ultimately resulted in a higher quality album?

Yes. I think it gave the album more of a dept. Both Annsofie and john contributed with great songs that we sometimes developed during rehearsals.

There is a clear 70s rock influence on the album, what do you think made that era of rock so important?

The production, the songwriting, the musicians, to mention a few reasons. But we don’t want to copy that whole 70’s sound cause we’re living right here, right now. It’s a great influence, but you have to make your own sound.

What made you decide to record all of the instrument parts live?

It gives the album a certain nerve that you don’t get recording all instruments separately. At least that’s how it works for Spiders. Even the vocals are recorded live. And Annsofie has never sounded better!

What was it like working with producer Mattias Glavå?

He is a real champ! Mattias has a perfect set of ears and a lot of good ideas. His studio is stuffed with amazing amps and microphones! But the most important thing is his ability to make you feel safe and good about what you’re doing.

Tell us about your tour with Horisont and Vidunder.

It’s going great! It’s great touring with friends cause it makes everything a lot easier. Both Vidunder and Horisont are killing it each night, so you really have to be on your toes to keep up, haha!

Do you have any other touring plans in the works?

Yeah, we’re going to Spain in December for a two week tour. Hopefully we also will make it to the US someday!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Hope to see you Americans real soon. I think it’s time to bring Spiders to the US!

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