Band’s frontman takes to social media to relay his fury over Behemoth’s treatment within Russia

It seems bands are continuing to have a hard time when it comes to playing in the former Soviet state, with Behemoth becoming the latest musicians to see the inside a Russian cell.

The band were midway through the Russian leg of their tour when they were unexpectedly arrested in Yekaterinburg yesterday, with Russian Immigration Services citing failure to provide correct visas as the reason their detainment.

The Polish frontman and guitarist, Nergal, immediately took to Facebook to vent his frustrations, claiming the suggestion that the bands paperwork was insufficient was nothing more than a “pretext.”

Nergal last night wrote, “We were detained by immigration services under the pretext of bad visas. When I said I do not move from the club without the presence of someone from the Polish Embassy, they threatened us with force.


“They took us in a bus, in the company of about 10 officers, to the Federal Migration Service. We tried to reach to the Polish Embassy in Yekaterinburg – but no one picks up.”

In addition to this post, he pleaded for friends and fans to share his message in the hope that necessary authorities could be reached.

It would seem the band’s ordeal was short lived, with this morning’s trial ruling that Behemoth were to be released and deported on grounds of failure to obtain a non-business “humanitarian” visa.  In addition to deportation, the band was ordered to pay a small fine of 2,000 roubles each.

Upon his release, Nergal told an interviewer of their experience, “It was a very small room and the walls were smeared with feces. At night, we asked to be taken to the toilet but our request was denied for some reason. So we had to use plastic bottles instead.

It’s not the first time the Russian Authorities have been under the media spotlight when it comes to such treatment of musicians. 2013 saw numerous acts draw the attention of the local authorities, with bands such as, Pussy Riot jailed without bail and put to hard labour, plus failed attempts charging both Lady Gaga and Madonna of “homosexual propaganda” highlights growing concerns over Russia’s handling of artists.

Due to deportation, the remainder of Behemoth’s Russian dates have been cancelled, however the band will continue to play scheduled performances on their The Satanist tour.

For further information on tour dates, check out Behemoth’s site