Best Kid’s Acoustic Guitars

Best Kid’s Acoustic Guitars

The Best Kid’s Acoustic Guitars of 2019

Learning a musical instrument is akin to a rite of passage for every child. Though they may not have a musical bone in their body, most children will have given some form of instrument learning a go before they have finished their first years at school.

Guitars remain a popular choice as a go to first instrument to learn. They are easy to pick up, lightweight enough that a kid won’t become tired through playing it and fun as well. They are a popular instrument as many children will be used to hearing their sounds in popular songs already and may even have a favorite band member they want to emulate.

So, if your child has decided (or maybe you decided) that they want to learn guitar, the question comes down to which guitar should you purchase so that they have the best, most positive experience with their new musical endeavor?

Well, read on for a review of eight of the best acoustic guitars that are around for children so far in 2019.

Fender Squier Mini Stratocaster Guitar, Black

Product Details

The Fender Squier Mini Stratocaster acoustic guitar is enough like the grown up versions made by the same brand that your child will feel like they are all grown up while they are learning their new instrument. It is very lightweight at 4kg and small enough to be stored away easily and carried around at 113 x 10 x 37 cm.

It is tailor made for beginner guitarists, so it is easy to use and get your head and fingers around as you go. There are a number of accessories and more sophisticated accessories that are readily available as and when your child decides to take things to the next level.

Key Features

  • 3/4 Size
  • Maple Neck
  • Hardwood Body
  • Trusted Brand
  • Great Reviews

Why We Like It

This is a really nice looking guitar that emulates full size instruments. It is a decent price and definitely made with high quality materials that are used to stay durable and last through all the potential bumps and scrapes.


Davidson Acoustic Guitar

Product Details

This is a cute option that is a bit more fun as it comes in a variety of different colors for your children to choose their favorite from. It is made with good quality wood and takes into account the fact that your child may drop it by being chip resistant in its gloss finish. You can buy spare strings as and when you need them, and it is a good size to carry around with them wherever they may need to take their new guitar.

Key Features

  • Accessories
  • Lots of Colors
  • Hardwood Body
  • Nylon Strings
  • Affordable

Why We Like It

This is a fun and affordable product that produces a nice acoustic sound and is easy to pick up and stay motivated with. It is definitely a good choice for beginner guitarists.

Yamaha JR1 ¾ Size Acoustic Guitar and Gig bag

Product Details

This is a great guitar from a well known musical instrument brand company, Yamaha. It is modeled in fact after one of their well known guitars in adult size, which may be a motivating factor for any little budding guitarist to keep them on track and focused. It is fairly priced and lightweight, so easy to carry around for your child. Carrying the guitar around is made even easier with the handy addition of a ‘gig’ bag that comes with the guitar. Though your child may not be quite ready for their first gig, they will certainly get there with this Yamaha guitar.

Key Features

  • 3/4 Size
  • Trusted Maker
  • Great Reviews
  • Very Affordable
  • Classic Acoustic Design

Why we Like it

It may be of a simple and classic acoustic design, but that is a high percentage of the overall appeal of the instrument. It means it made well, and looks good as well.

Mad About: Children’s Classical Guitar Kids Pack ¾ Size

Product Details

This is a full package deal; including a guitar, music books, spare strings, case, guitar strap and even a plectrum as well. Therefore, you can’t deny that there is definite value for money and all at a really low price. There is even a two year warranty that comes with the product, so you know that the manufacturer has really taken yours and your child’s needs into consideration i.e. potential breakages and parts replacement that may be required.

Key Features

  • Classic Acoustic Design
  • 3/4 Size
  • Lightweight
  • Lots of Accessories
  • Super Affordable

Why We Like It

There is such value for money in this that it makes it perfect for any beginner. It comes with all the guitar pro accessories that you could ever need so you don’t have to spend extra money on extra bits!

Music Alley MA-34-N Classical Junior Guitar

Product Details

This is another great and classic design for children experimenting with their first musical experience, or just their first guitar experience. It is affordable and is best suited for ages four to nine years. Though it does not come with the accessories that other guitars on the list have to offer, it is simple and smooth and made with great quality ash material for a perfect sound resonation and string maintenance.

Key Features

  • Ash Body
  • Lightweight (957 g)
  • Accessories available (not included)
  • Right Handed
  • 6 Strings

Why We Like it

This guitar comes with free online lessons, so your child can benefit from feeling empowered through a bit of knowledge learnt before starting lessons with an actual teacher.

Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar

Product Details

The Rogue Starter acoustic guitar is a good addition to the list. It is made in the style of a classic, adult acoustic guitar but with the fun addition of coming in a variety of nice and vibrant colors. It is for an older child, perhaps six years and upwards because it is slightly bigger than a ¾ size guitar, but still not full size. It comes with a classic rosewood fretboard, as is congruent with full sized acoustic guitars as rosewood creates a beautiful sound and keeps the strings safe and well maintained.

Key Features

  • Variety of Colors
  • Great Reviews
  • Affordable
  • 7/8 Size
  • Quality Material

Why we Like it

It is a cool guitar that is classic yet versatile. It comes with a fair price tag and great reviews. You can buy the accessories you need separately at a fair price as well.

Hohner HAG250P ½ Sized Classical Acoustic Guitar

Product Details

This is a guitar made for smaller children, 2 years and upwards. This is a great age to learn an instrument and it provides a lot of fun as well. The manufacturer’s have taken into consideration their target market and the guitar is made from a sturdy wood material that is strong and reinforced with a paint overlayer. It has soft strings for little fingers so that your child is not put off by the painful blisters that can arise from hardcore guitar playing.

Key Features

  • Durable
  • 1/2 Size
  • 1 year warranty
  • Fair Price
  • Great Reviews

Why we like it

This product has definitely considered who it is made for and comes with a reasonable one year warranty attached to it for a bit of extra peace of mind.

Luna Aurora Borealis ¾ Acoustic Guitar

Product Details

This is a cute acoustic guitar that is available in a few different colors, so your child will be spoiled for choice and can pick a guitar that suits their personalities as opposed to just sticking with the classic light brown that is often associated with acoustic guitars. It is on the expensive side, but worth it as it is made for older children (7 years plus) and from good quality bass wood material and rosewood fretboard material.

Key Features

  • Good Sound
  • Good Reviews
  • 3/4 size
  • Different colors available
  • Right Handed

Why We Like It

This is a nice looking, nice sounding acoustic guitar that you can accessorize as you please and is light weight enough to be able to take it with you anywhere.

Buyer’s Guide

After reading the above reviews you should now have a solid idea of what is out there on the acoustic guitar market for your children. There are plenty more options outside of those eight, of course, however they are just a sample to get your brain whirring and point you in the right direction of what may or may not be suitable for your child.

As a parent, you appreciate how important it is that they are allowed to explore their own potential and creativity.

Picking out their first guitar should be a fun experience for both of you and below are some things you might want to consider to make the experience more smooth:

Is my child ready?

All children develop at different stages. This is completely natural and normal. Therefore, some children will be ready to undertake their musical adventure sooner than others and vice versa. Don’t be disheartened if they haven’t arrived at their musical nirvana yet, all you can do is gently encourage them along their way.

Generally speaking, a good age to start to learn a musical instrument, any musical instrument not just the guitar, is around four years old. Again, this will most definitely vary from child to child and you should definitely listen to and assess the individual needs of your child before they start anything. Nurturing self esteem and self exploration is a good part of parenting.

However, also take into account that learning any musical instrument, the guitar included, is a skill. It requires a certain focus of attention and proclivity for progression. Alongside the mental challenges, there is also the question of whether or not the child is physically ready to undertake their guitar learning journey.

Learning an instrument can take its toll on the hands and the arms so they need to be physically able to hold and maintain the right posture for learning efficiently. This is something that a four year old may not be able to do, for example, but a six year old probably could.


That brings us onto why size is important. The size of the guitar that you buy for your child should match their age, yes, but more importantly it should match their height. Not every child of the same age is the same height, and this should be taken into consideration before purchasing any instrument, especially the guitar which sits across the body.

As a general guideline:

A child who is 4-6 years old will need – 30 INCHES

A child who is 6-9 years old will need – 34 INCHES

A child who is 9-12 years old will need – 36 INCHES

A child who is 12 YEARS + will be fine with – ADULT SIZE GUITAR

Your child may become disheartened and want to stop rapidly if the guitar is the wrong size for them and causes discomfort while using and playing it. Which will make your whole purchase null and void and probably be a self esteem hit for the child as well.

However, with the right sized guitar that is perfectly bespoke to them, they will have a much better chance and motivation to carry on learning and perfect their craft. There are many musical shops where you can take your child in order for them to trial different sizes and see which one is going to be their perfect fit. This will make the purchase more exciting for them as well!


Let’s face it, children love accessories. Yes, there is no doubt that they are more than likely excited about their upcoming new guitar purchase. However, they are probably, though they may never admit it to you, more excited about what accessories they can adorn their new guitar with.


A guitar case is probably an essential accessory for any guitar player, especially children! They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and a variety of different materials.

If you want to keep the instrument lightweight, then you may be considering a ‘bag’ style case which normally comes with backpack straps so that it can be carried easily and securely on your child’s back. These are a popular option as they are not too in the way, easier to store than hard cases and don’t cause irritation to the child.

However, if your child is particularly accident prone, then a hard case may be the preferred option for your peace of mind. A hardback case will definitely have a better chance of helping you and your child avoid unnecessary instrument casualties if somehow the guitar becomes dropped on the floor or falls over. It also provides a bit of extra protection if for whatever reason the guitar is not being stored properly, or it is being stored around a number of things that could cause damage to the instrument.

Pros of soft cases

Soft, light, easily storable, easy to carry, cheap.

Cons of soft cases

Easier to cause damage to the instrument, not as durable as hard cases.

Pros of hard cases

More durable, provide better protection for your child’s instrument.

Cons of hard cases

More expensive, harder to carry around, take up more space.


Most children won’t start of their guitar learning journey using a plectrum, as a teacher will want their fingers to get used to the feel of the instrument and how the strings co-ordinate with each other. However, a plectrum feels like an essential part of guitar ownership and your child will probably want a few to either play around with or learn how to use.


Straps are a good idea for any guitar player. There are a fair few advantages to having a strap for your guitar, the most important being that it conserves your energy while playing music. The guitar can be attached to a strap and therefore worn around the neck.

Your arms consequently aren’t doing all the heavy lifting and you don’t have to coordinate them with your fingers. You have freer movement and a greater flexibility to play more expressively. Make sure the strap is sturdy, as if it isn’t then your guitar will suffer more than you will as a consequence!


Strings may seem like a boring accessory to think about, but having a spare set is actually quite an essential part of guitar ownership. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen too often, but you never know when a string may snap, and you need a quick fix to replace it. If you don’t have any spare strings in your case, then you quickly become stuck and can’t play until you find your way to an instrument shop.

Keeping a spare set is just good common sense and will definitely come in handy if for whatever reason a string decides to break!

Did you know?

Acoustic guitars rely on sound waves to amplify their sound, by transmitting their string vibration into the air and bouncing it back to your ears.

Expert tip

Always carry a spare set of guitar strings for those emergency concert moments! They will definitely come in handy.