Chris Green

BIOGRAPHY – Chris Green

Chris Green, lead guitarist of the up-and-coming band Revoker, was born 10th May 1989 in South Wales, “almost in the back of a mini.” Chris and his other band mates are all from around Abertysswg, Rhymney and Ponttlotyn in South Wales. According to their label Roadrunner’s website, “Their homeland of South Wales will always be part of Revoker’s musical identity. Green exclaims, ‘A lot of our music is quite aggressive because there’s nothing to do around here. There’s a boatload of boredom and frustration, and that comes out in the music.’” Originally part of the cover band A470 when they were around 14 and 15, they changed their name to Revoker after nearly a year of playing together. Signed to Roadrunner Records, Chris and his band have rrelease their debut CD Revenge for the Ruthless.

Chris started playing guitar when he was 12 years old. Originally a drummer, he had drum lessons at school, but his teacher did not have time to teach him. His dad got tired of him “winging,” so Chris’ dad did the music world a favor and taught him how to play guitar. He initially had some lessons after that, but most of his playing is from being self-taught. He wishes to get more lessons when he has time.

Once Chris was “gripped” on playing guitar, bands that really inspired him to play were Metallica, Pantera, Black Sabbath, and Black Label Society, and specific guitarists that motivated him were the late Jimi Hendrix and “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, Zakk Wylde, and even legendary blues guitarists Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters.

Chris is still a newbie in the music world, having played with his current band Revoker for 5 or 6 years now, but one would never guess that by how well the band sounds together; they sound like seasoned veterans.

The main guitar Chris uses is a Gibson Les Paul standard with a fifty’s neck. He also has a Tokia Love Rock and a Jackson RR5 as backups, and also has a Washburn 12 string classical guitar and an acoustic guitar at home. He uses EMG 81 and 85 pickups, which is what fellow guitarist Zakk Wylde uses. When it comes to strings, Chris is partial to the heavy Dunlap 12-54 strings, which give him the “nice and chunky” sound he prefers, and helps with his drop C tuning.

Chris uses a Mesa Boogie dual rectifier with a regular Mesa Boogie cabinet. This is his favorite amp to use. For his pedals, he uses a Boss power board, a Boss chromatic tuner, a Zakk Wylde Cry Baby Wah Wah, a Boss Super Chorus for his clean sound, an ICB Decimator Noise Compressor, and a Boss Digital Delay. He also likes the Orange amp.

Chris has some practical advice for anyone trying to get through life. “Stay real and be yourself. Fuck everyone else!!!! As long as you like yourself that’s all you need.” That advice has served Chris well, as his band Revoker are ready to set the music world on fire with their debut CD, Revenge for the Ruthless, released through Roadrunner Records. If their debut single, “Stay Down” is any indication of what the rest of the CD will sound like, Revoker will be a name to remember in the heavy metal community for some time. They will be performing at the Graspop festival on June 24, 2011. For more information on Chris and his band, check out their website