Off The Cuff – The Five Guitars On My Wishlist

I have been lucky enough as an artist to have tremendous support from many amazing music companies and endorsers who have supplied me with some of the best gear that anyone could possibly have, ever! So firstly, thanks to everyone from ESP Guitars, Blackstar Amplification, Dunlop Manufacturing, Maxon, Sennheiser and various other companies over the 12 year period I have been in DevilDriver. Since I am a guitar player, it all starts with the instrument, and I have been with ESP guitars since 2003. I received an endorsement right before my first tour with DevilDriver. It was a real honour and if I had seen then what I now possess in my guitar vault, I wouldn’t have believed it at all! I am extremely grateful and humbled that they would believe in me enough to support my career. Incredible custom guitars, my own signature series Eclipse guitar available in stores – I really have to give them a special shout out for everything.

Even though I have an extensive collection of guitars from various manufacturers, I still want more. Yes, it’s a true life long journey to compile the biggest collection of guitars possible. Just like some folks can never have too many pairs of shoes, or too many cars, guitarists cannot have too many guitars. Keeping this list down to five took some intense contemplation, but here we go…

1.) 1984 White Gibson Explorer

The guitar that started it all for me, I remember seeing “Cliff ‘Em All” as a kid and saw the Explorer that Hetfield was playing and was instantly hooked. It’s just the guitar that embodies metal for me, have to get one soon!

2.) ESP KH-1 “Flying V”

When I originally approached ESP guitars for my first custom shop guitar, I wanted to get it in the style of Kirk Hammett’s KH-1 but because of the Gibson patent these were no longer made here in the state. Major bummer, but I would really like to get one in the future via ebay or what have you-it’s possible!!!

3.) Gibson Custom 70’s “Flying V” Vintage Original Specs In White

I need a Gibson V, I also love reissues and this one is perfect; keep the burst bucker pickups in there, this guitar is perfect for playing live shows and with a foot raise support in can be killer in the studio, sitting down.

4.) Fender Custom Shop Dual P-90 Telecaster Aged Lake Placid Blue

I just received my favorite ESP custom guitar ever, which is the white ESP Super-Tele (as I call it) based on Ron Wood’s Signature Series Guitar. Telecaster style has grown to be my favorite guitar. This model again is a reissue of a classic guitar that has been updated with modern features and electronics. 25.5 inch scale, reverse headstock, quartersawn maple neck (built like a tank), culmination of most requested features of the Telecaster-make this the perfect guitar for my non-metal performing

5.) PRS Custom Seven-String (Any Color)

PRS to me are the perfect combination of all the guitars I like; Gibson, ESP, Jackson, Fender and they are just top notch craftsmanship. Don’t need to put EMG’s or anything like that to this majestic beauty. Been really into seven string guitars lately and definitely want to add a PRS to the growing arsenal of shred-tools.

So there are mine. Which guitars would be on your wishlist, and why? Let me know in the comments section below!