Dave Mustaine Announces Megadeth Album Title

Megadeth Guitarist and vocalist Dave Mustaine has announced that the band’s upcoming album will be called, ‘13’. In the entertaining and slightly heated discussion with Rock AAA, at the U.K. Sonisphere festival, Mustaine also revealed that the album will be released November 1.

“They’re looking at November 1st. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be the 1st or the 31st for the release date, cuz they’re trying to get us to do a live performance some place, for this release.”
Mustaine isn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of having to perform on Halloween. “Last thing I want be doing is playing at midnight, you know, playing a record on Halloween. Do you how many little trouble makers there are on Halloween in America.”
The title ’13’ was inspired by Mustaine’s and Megadeth’s close link with the notorious number; “It’s going to be called 13. I started playing guitar at 13 and this is our 13th record and I was born on the 13th. As soon as I said I was going to call it 13 I started noticing 13 everywhere.”
The legendary frontman was a little bemused when asked if he enjoyed receiving massages; “ Massage? God, you are so funny today. What’s going on with you? That is such a weird question, are you serious?”
Mustaine did go on to stress the importance of taking care of the body when performing such relentless music. “This kind of music, playing it like this, you’re an athlete. You have to take care of yourself. I mean with what we do on stage, with all the headbanging, it’s like chronic whiplash for your spine, so you have to take care of yourself… That’s the bummer about this job, is that is destroys your body.”
Megadeth will also be releasing the 25 Anniversary Edition of their classic album ‘Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?’ which will be released this coming Tuesday, July 12, via Capitol/EMI. The new album, ’13’, will be released via Roadrunner Records.
The full interview can be watched below.

Dave Mustaine on Vimeo.

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