Thin Lizzy frontman Ricky Warwick recently sat down with Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine for a candid conversation about how his approach to playing guitar has evolved since he left Metallica in the early 80s. The full interview can be viewed below in the latest episode of’s new series, ‘Metalhead to Head’ below.
Mustiane recalled that his departure from Metallica led to him developing a far more aggressive approach on the guitar: “When I was in Metallica, when I would write solos back then, I wrote them out. And then when I left, I totally re-evaluated my guitar playing and went from playing guitar because I loved it to playing guitar because I was pissed.”
Now, Mustaine explained that he was more focused on writing solid material than his own virtuosity or aggression: “Playing, for me, doing solos and stuff like that, there’s a lot of technique stuff that people do, they do sweeping and stuff like that and they do a lot of stuff that’s real pretty-looking, but you know what?! After a while, someone sweeping through a whole solo, it’s, like, enough already.”
He added: “I believe that David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) can do more with one note than half of these kids that are out there now that can just do these mind-blowing solos.”
See the full interview below.