Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo On Skid Row Reunion With Sebastian Bach

MetalRules.com recently sat down with Skid Row guitarist Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo to talk about the band’s forthcoming series of EP releases, as well as the rumors that former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach is returning to the band. A couple of excerpts from the interview can be found below.

Sabo and Bach were photographed together for the first time in 16 years backstage at a recent Duff McKagan show at the Viper Room in LA, sparking rumors that the two were discussing a possible reunion. However, Sabo explained that while there was no, “bad blood” between himself and Bach, the meeting was a chance encounter:

“…at the end of the show, I was in the dressing room and it was very small at the Viper Room dressing room and I saw him standing across the stage and I… I mean, across the room, and he made a beeline over with his girlfriend, had his hand out, and I shook his hand, you know, ‘How you doing? How you doing?’ exchanged the pleasantries and stuff. It was all very cool and very cordial; no heavy talk, like, ‘Come on, dude, we got to put this band back together.’ It was nothing like that, you know…”

He added that it was Bach’s idea to have the photo taken: “…he’s goes, ‘Let’s take a picture together’ and sure enough, you know, it was, you know, that’s the one that ended up out there.”

While a reunion with Bach is out of the question for now, Sabo refused to rule it out entirely: “If something like that happens down the road, then it happens, then it’s supposed to be, and if it doesn’t, then it wasn’t supposed to be, you know?! That’s just the way… that’s life, you know. To me, it’s no… I’m not going to beat myself about the head over it and I’m not going to push for it or whatever. It’s like if little things present themselves in a way that… that’s its conducive and everybody wants to do it, then that’s something to talk about, but right now it’s a non-issue.”

In the meantime, Skid Row is preparing to record the first in a series of EPs: “We start doing the EP, well, this month in the next three weeks,” Sabo said. “We’re going to do a succession of, like, three EPs, five or six songs on each one released like every six months or something like that.”

Sabo explained that the EPs will be a return to the band’s earlier sounds: “Some of the stuff sounds like it could be on [the 1991 Skid Row album] ‘Slave To The Grind,’ you know…Definitely, definitely heavy stuff.”

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