Error Found On Devin Townsend Project ‘By A Thread’ DVD Box Set

Devin Townsend has issued a statement following the discovery of a manufacturing error that has rendered one of the disks useless on the latest Devin Townsend Project DVD box set, ‘By A Thread – Live in London 2011.’ The full statement can be read below.

Filmed in the fall of last year, ‘By A Thread’ documents four sold-out UK shows where Townsend performed all the Devin Townsend Project albums: ‘Ki,’ ‘Addicted,’ ‘Ghost,’ and ‘Deconstruction.’ The box set features four DVDs, one for each of the four shows, plus a 5-CD set containing audio from the performances, as well as a separate CD consisting of the encores played at each show.

Unfortunately, as Townsend confirmed, the ‘Addicted’ disk from the U.S. version of the set is faulty: “Attention North American buyers of the By A Thread – Live in London 2011 box set: As you may have heard or noticed already, there’s a manufacturing error on the Addicted DVD disc which prevents the disc from playing properly. Century Media Records will replace your disc and by clicking the link [below] you can read on how to make that happen.

“This ONLY applies to box sets manufactured in the US, NOT the box sets made in Europe. You can easily see what’s what as the European version will have a green FSK logo on both the packaging and on the discs. The US version does not have this logo anywhere.”

Furthermore, Townsend cleared up any confusion buyers of the box set may have when it comes to playing it on the computer. “Also, I’ve seen a few remarks from buyers who commented on the fact that the DVDs don’t respond to mouse commands when played on a computer. This is not an error. These DVDs were meant to be played in standard DVD players, not computers, though they do respond properly to keyboard commands. Perhaps not very modern of us but these DVD menus were pretty complex things to put together and we simply ran out of time and money to make it all supah-dupah perfect.

“I hope to clarifies things a bit.”

Click here for a replacement of the ‘Addicted’ DVD disk.