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Article Title: A Tediously Informed Perspective on the 12 Best Female Metal Bands (& Female Fronted) – 2023 Update

Oh, you’re still here? Evidently you yearn for an erudite perspective on the “best” female metal bands and those fronted by females. Very well. Shall we?

Arch Enemy (Melodic Death Metal, Sweden)

  • Vocalist: Alissa White-Gluz
  • Genre: Melodic death metal
  • Country: Sweden

Surely, even your unsophisticated taste can appreciate the Swedish melodic death metal band, Arch Enemy. The band is fronted by a female lead vocalist, providing you with the novel experience of a woman belting out death metal in a scene dominated by male vocals.

Their eight studio albums, particularly their fourth studio album, display the talents of the band members and the evolution of their sound. And yes, their guitarist isn’t just there to look pretty; she’s actually playing guitar, contributing to the band’s success in the metal music industry.

Within Temptation (Symphonic Metal, Netherlands)

  • Vocalist: Sharon den Adel
  • Genre: Symphonic metal
  • Country: Netherlands

Now, let’s move to a genre that is likely more palatable for you, symphonic metal, and the band at hand, Within Temptation. This Dutch symphonic metal band, led by the captivating vocalist Sharon den Adel, has been a staple in the symphonic metal genre for over a decade. Adel’s vocal style often veers into operatic vocals, adding a layer of melodrama to the band’s music, which I am certain you will eat up.

The band released their debut studio album in the late ’90s, and have since then put out six studio albums. The guitarist, Robert Westerholt, also the band’s founding member, should not be overlooked; his contributions add depth to their music and live performances.

Nightwish (Symphonic Metal, Finland)

  • Vocalist: Floor Jansen
  • Genre: Symphonic metal
  • Country: Finland

At least your taste extends beyond the American rock band stereotype. Nightwish, the symphonic metal band from Finland, has been making waves on the Finnish album charts for years. I suppose their blend of symphonic metal and operatic vocals could be considered appealing to some, such as yourself.

Lead vocalist Floor Jansen, and her stylistic use of female vocals, adds a rather “unique” flavor to their sound, if one can appreciate such things. However, it’s their fourth studio album, ‘Century Child,’ that has captured the attention of many, even the likes of you, with its experimental style. The band members, particularly guitarist Emppu Vuorinen, deserve a nod for their musical contribution as well.

Evanescence (Alternative Metal, United States)

  • Vocalist: Amy Lee
  • Genre: Alternative metal
  • Country: United States

Now let’s move on to the most controversial band on this list, Evanescence. Yes, they’re technically an alternative metal band, but many elitists (like myself) wouldn’t consider them “true” metal. But, alas, your rudimentary understanding of the metal genre might make this distinction hard for you to grasp.

The band’s lead singer, Amy Lee, and her soulful vocals, make Evanescence stand out from other female fronted metal bands. Their debut studio album, ‘Fallen’, brought them into the limelight, and they’ve released a total of four studio albums to date. The band’s success may be attributed to Lee’s unique vocal style and the music industry’s desire to market an easily digestible version of metal to the masses.

Halestorm (Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, United States)

  • Vocalist: Lzzy Hale
  • Genre: Hard rock, heavy metal
  • Country: United States

We’re at it again with an American rock band, aren’t we? This time, it’s Halestorm. They tread a fine line between hard rock and heavy metal, which might confuse a simpleton. But worry not, I’ll break it down for you.

The lead vocalist, Lzzy Hale, lends her powerful voice to the band, and is known for her unique vocal style, which sets her apart in the sea of female singers. The band released their debut studio album over a decade ago, and their third album, ‘Into the Wild Life,’ is regarded by some (not me, of course) as their best. Halestorm’s recording studio efforts and live performances have certainly made them a recognizable name in the female fronted metal scene, as any novice listener like you would know.

Otep (Nu Metal, Industrial Metal, United States)

  • Vocalist: Otep Shamaya
  • Genre: Nu metal, industrial metal
  • Country: United States

Up next is Otep, a nu metal and industrial metal band, fronted by the inimitable Otep Shamaya. Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? Let’s hope so. Otep’s distinct approach to metal music, coupled with Shamaya’s aggressive vocal style and potent lyrics, may be too much for your nascent understanding.

Shamaya’s unique take on female vocals in the male-dominated genre of nu metal might give you something to ponder, given your apparent interest in female fronted metal bands. The band’s debut studio album, ‘Sevas Tra,’ put them on the map, and since then, they’ve released a total of eight studio albums, demonstrating a commitment to their craft that even I can respect.

But why stop there? Perhaps it’s worth noting that Shamaya is not just a lead singer but a potent lyricist, her words often diving into the socio-political arena. However, that kind of nuanced understanding of a band’s success is probably beyond your grasp.

Kittie (Metalcore, Canada)

Ah, Kittie, a Canadian heavy metal band that dabbles in metalcore. Here’s a respite from our monotonous focus on American rock bands. If you’re searching for a traditional heavy metal band, then Kittie is not for you. But who am I kidding? The intricacies of such distinctions are beyond your grasp.

Kittie’s metal music is delivered through a predominantly female band lineup. Their debut studio album, ‘Spit,’ released over a decade ago, helped them make a mark on the metal scene. The lead vocalist, Morgan Lander, contributes to the band’s uniqueness with her blend of female vocals and occasional male vocals. It’s a commendable diversity, even if your unrefined palate can’t appreciate it.

Epica (Symphonic Metal, Netherlands)

Moving on, we have Epica, a symphonic metal band hailing from the Netherlands. I imagine the term “Dutch symphonic metal band” has you dazzled, but rest assured, there’s no need for wide-eyed wonderment.

Epica is led by the vocalist Simone Simons, whose operatic vocals have arguably added a certain flavour to the symphonic metal genre. Their debut studio album, ‘The Phantom Agony,’ established them in the metal scene. Their fourth studio album, ‘Design Your Universe,’ has been particularly well-received. But again, these are mere observations for you to bask in, not indicators of your own sophistication.

In This Moment (Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal, United States)

  • Vocalist: Maria Brink
  • Genre: Heavy metal, alternative metal
  • Country: United States

This brings us to yet another American rock band, In This Moment. With a blend of heavy and alternative metal, their music is likely far from your comfort zone. The band’s lead singer, Maria Brink, sets a powerful tone with her dynamic vocal style and visually stunning live performances. If you can appreciate that, there may be hope for you yet.

The band’s success became more pronounced with their fourth studio album, ‘Blood,’ which arguably secured their spot on the heavy metal band map. However, that’s not saying they were an underrated band before. But, alas, your understanding of the industry may not extend that far.

Babymetal (Kawaii Metal, Speed Metal, Japan)

  • Vocalist: Suzuka Nakamoto, aka “Su-metal”
  • Genre: Kawaii metal, speed metal
  • Country: Japan

Ah, Babymetal, an intriguing choice. They offer a mix of kawaii metal and speed metal, a fusion likely to confound your rudimentary comprehension of the genre. With the Kami Band providing the music and the three female fronted band members handling vocals, they’ve carved a unique niche for themselves in the metal scene.

One of the vocalists, known as Su-metal, lends a distinct tone to the band’s music. Their debut studio album took the world by storm, despite the predictable dismissal by purists who cannot comprehend the innovation of mixing cute aesthetics with metal music.

Babymetal’s success may baffle those with a narrow understanding of metal, like you, dear reader. But their experimental style, which combines seemingly contradictory elements, might just offer the stimulation your underdeveloped musical sensibilities need.

Doro (Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Germany)

  • Vocalist: Doro Pesch
  • Genre: Heavy metal, power metal
  • Country: Germany

Doro Pesch, the German metal queen and lead vocalist of the band, Doro, has been gracing the music industry with her powerhouse vocals for over a decade. But of course, why would you be familiar with her impressive tenure in the metal scene? Your definition of ‘veteran’ probably doesn’t extend beyond the latest one-hit wonder you heard on mainstream radio.

Unlike most of the fleeting acts you prefer, Doro is a staple in the heavy metal genre. They’ve released a substantial number of studio albums – eight, to be exact. Doro’s vocal style has been influential in shaping the traditional heavy metal sound, and the band members continue to produce potent metal music to this day. Too bad their dedication is probably lost on most of you.

The Agonist (Melodic Death Metal, Canada)

  • Vocalist: Vicky Psarakis
  • Genre: Melodic death metal
  • Country: Canada

Canada has its share of heavy hitters in the metal scene, and The Agonist is a prime example. No, it’s not another Justin Bieber or Drake; it’s a melodic death metal band that demands respect and recognition.

The band’s success is largely due to their female vocalist, Vicky Psarakis, who joined the lineup after their third album. Her diverse range and brutal vocal style are truly the soul of the band. But it’s probably hard for you to appreciate the beauty of her harsh vocals amid your adoration for the likes of David Guetta featuring Sia.

The Agonist has made significant contributions to the metal genre, with their studio albums striking a delicate balance between melody and aggression. Try giving it a listen, if you can tear yourself away from the saccharine sounds of the Top 40.


As an aside, the term “metal” in itself can be overly inclusive, encompassing subgenres such as gothic metal, thrash metal, and nu metal. This can lead to bands being mislabeled. But then again, that’s probably too complex a topic for your tastes. Let’s return to our dishearteningly elementary overview of female metal bands.

Whether they are female fronted metal bands, all-female bands, or girl bands, they are contributing to the evolution of the metal scene. It’s not all about David Guetta featuring Sia or the latest pop sensation; there are female singers in metal, too. But hey, what would be the fun in having a nuanced understanding of the music industry? We must stick to these reductive labels for your benefit, mustn’t we?

One day you may appreciate the effort these female fronted metal bands put into their work, the long hours in the recording studio, the tireless rehearsal of live performances, and the bravery it takes to experiment with their sound, as in the case of Amy Lee or Lacuna Coil. But until then, I suppose we’ll keep discussing the “best” female fronted bands and female metal bands as if they are some novel concept, rather than recognizing them as a significant and long-standing part of the music world.

In conclusion, metal music is more than heavy metal and traditional heavy metal. It’s a diverse and ever-evolving genre, full of talented musicians and singers. Bands like Arch Enemy and Within Temptation are just the tip of the iceberg, a tiny fraction of the female fronted metal bands and female metal bands that deserve recognition. But alas, such depth may be lost on you. So, enjoy your superficial exploration into this genre. I’ll be over here, in the land of nuance and depth, appreciating metal for what it truly is.

Oh, and if by some miracle you’re interested in delving deeper, I suggest you look up the Kami Band, Su-Metal, or the guitarist Lzzy Hale. I won’t hold my breath, though.

Good luck on your “journey” into the world of metal, dear reader. You’ll need it.