The first commercial Gibson ES-335 stepped out of production and into the history books in 1958. In the decades following its release, the ES-335 and its younger siblings the ES-345, and the ES-355, have become many of the world’s most accomplished guitar players, guitar of choice.



The first semi-hollowbody guitar in production, the ES-335 combined the warmer tones of a -hollowbody guitar, while delivering the sustain and feedback resistance of a solidbody, making it ideal for stage and studio use alike. Legendary guitarist like Chuck Berry and B.B. King were among the first to use the ES-335, sparking a trend, which to this day is still going strong.



In acknowledgement of this legendary axe, and the players that have made it so, has released a list of their top 10 most influential ES-335 players of all time. You can read it below.


Gibson’s most influential ES-335 players of all time:


10. Larry Carlton


9. Eric Clapton


8. Chuck Berry


7. Otis Rush


6. Warren Haynes


5. Dave Grohl


4. Eric Johnson


3. B.B. King


2. Roy Orbison


1. Alvin Lee




Who would have been your number 1?