Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Launches ‘I Got BumbleF**KED’ Contest

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal has launched a contest giving comic book/cartoon style artists the chance to design a T-shirt for his ‘BumbleF**KED’ gourmet hot sauce line. Details can be found below.
Bumblefoot posted the following description of how he envisioned the winning design on his official website: “Looking for an image that depicts a full-body character in absolute *distress* – eyes popping out of sockets, steam coming out of ears, hair standing on end, sweating, tongue hanging out, breathing fire, veins bulging out of neck, heart bulging out of chest, hands clutching chest, body jerked forward, shaky limbs… like capturing a snapshot of the reaction from trying BumbleF**KED hot sauce.”
Additionally, the guitarist would like the design to be captioned with, “I Got BumbleF**KED!!!”
An example of the type of image Bumblefoot is after can be viewed in the picture above.
The winning entrant will receive the following:
* One 6-pack of Bumblefoot’s hot sauce
* One personalized signed 8×10 of your choice
* Two personalized signed CDs of your choice
* Five “I Got bumbleF**KED” shirts
* 30-minute personal Skype session with Bumblefoot (can be a guitar lesson, Q&A, anything)
* $1 for every “I Got BumbleF**KED” shirt sold in the first 12 months.
The following instructions on how to enter the contest were also provided on Bumblefoot’s website: “Email your hi-resolution art to before August 1st (or upload using YouSendIt or WeTransfer and email me the download link). Multiple entries are allowed. I won’t be able to email you back, will be prepping for tours, will reach out in early August to announce the winner.”

Click here for the full terms and conditions.
Bumblefoot Hot Sauces is available now in seven different varieties: ‘Bumblicious!,’ ‘Bumblef**ked,’ ‘Normal,’ ‘Abnormal,’ ‘Uncool’ and ‘Bumblebade.’ A full description of each sauce can be found below:
Heat level: Mild

Sweet & savory cherries, Bourbon & chipotle with a subtle kick – your wings, ribs, chips (and guests) will thank you.
Heat level: HOT!!!

Tropical fruit & ginger, followed by a 6-million-Scoville sledgehammer of caffeine & ginseng. Hi-energy heart-pounder for “pain junkies” like me…
Heat level: Mild

Tomatoes & Mediterranean herbs, a hot sauce that feels like a delicious salsa purée.
Heat level: HOT!!!

Thermo-nuclear heat with a Caribbean kick – tamarind & Island spices, Bhut Jolokia peppers, long-lasting taste & brutality. *Not for beginners.
Heat level: Medium

A twist of curry, cumin & citrus, inspired by my favorite tours of the Far East.
Heat level: Mild

Hot sauce with women’s pleasure in mind – chocolate & cherry, indulgent & edgy, sweet & fiery, like the rocker ladies that inspired it.