After announcing that the Rolling Stones will be getting together in December for what is apparently, “just a jam,” the bands renowned guitarist Keith Richards has now said that the band is in fact, planning shows for their 50th anniversary next year.


“I don’t see why in the world the Stones can’t put together some kind of show next year. I’d almost count on it. It doesn’t have to be the whole spectacle bullshit again, but we’ve got to find out our way through this.”

Since the announcement that the jam would be taking place, it has been apparent that all the legendary band members are onboard, with the exception of frontman Mick Jagger. However, it seems that even Jagger – who had a falling out with Richards after the guitarist mocked his frontman’s manhood in his recent biography, ‘Life’ – is beginning to come around to the idea. Jagger recently commented on the proposed reunion. “It is quite amazing when you think about it. Anything is possible,”

Anything is indeed possible, but according to Stones guitarist Ron Wood, there are a few unresolved issues, between Richards and Jagger that need to be taken care of first. Talking about the strained relations between Jagger and Richards, Wood commented, “I think there’s a healing process waiting to take place. I think it’s happening now as we speak, but it has to be resolved … They have to come to terms with going on a working basis, which Charlie and I will help make happen. Wish me luck.”

The Rolling Stones played their first ever gig in London on July 12, 1962.