Korn’s ‘Issues’ Turns 15: Ten Reasons Why It Rules

Korn’s ‘Issues’ Turns 15: Ten Reasons Why It Rules

There are certain records that come out and affect us in profound ways. Sometimes, these records resonate not only with the fans, but with an entire scene of music and an entire generation. Korn will go down in music history as one of the most important bands in the hard rock genre. Their sound was an important part of a movement, but in many ways, Korn were in a scene all on their own. After selling millions of albums worldwide, winning Grammy Awards, and selling out arenas everywhere, their place at the top remains indisputable.

This past November saw the 15th anniversary of one of Korn’s biggest and most successful records, Issues. The album soared to the top of the charts and still to this day is one of their best-selling, most revered efforts, and rightfully so.

We took a look back at Issues and its effect , not only on the “Children of the Korn” but on music at large. Check out our list of reasons why Issues stands out as one of the most important albums of the past twenty years.


10 Reasons Issues Rules

1.) Issues beat out Dr. Dre’s 2001 for the number one spot on the Billboard Top 200, selling a staggering 575,000 units in its first week. It’s crazy to think Korn bested music’s Beats billionaire, but they did. Moreover, the album is so good that they deserved to.

2.) Another fun fact: Issues has clocked sales of over 5 million in the U.S. and over 13 million worldwide.

3.) Following a tradition of Family Values, Korn reached out to their massive fan base in order to get the perfect cover art this time around. Now, there were four winners to the contest, but the cover that stands out the most is that of Alfredo Carlos, who’s entry showcases a discarded and forlorn rag doll. It’s as haunting as the music is, and that says a lot.

4.) Issues boasts some of Korn’s biggest and best hits. Amongst these bona fide classics are “Falling Away From Me,” which still slays live, “Make Me Bad,” and “Somebody Someone.”

5.) However, it’s the deep cuts that make Issues such a classic. “Trash” is nothing short of brilliant with its thick guitars, hypnotic refrain, and starkly confessional lyrics, while “Dirty” might just be Korn’s most poignant closer.

6.) Korn made history again, not only debuting “Falling Away From Me” on South Park, but releasing it as a free digital download long before the days of Spotify and all of the other streaming services we now know and love.

7.) A guestbook was created for everyone that downloaded the track. The band donated 25 cents to a children’s charity for each post made, and over $250,000 was raised.

8.) The band launched the Sick and Twisted Tour shortly after. They took Staind out on the road and yet again brought the Korn kids into the fold, engaging everyone to vote on the set list. They’d then go on to support Metallica on the first-ever Summer Sanitarium tour.

9.) The night the album dropped, Korn headlined The Apollo theater in New York City with a full backing orchestra, playing the album in it’s entirety.

10.) Issues fucking rules. ‘Nuff said. Crank it up now.

What is your favorite track from Issues? Let us know in the comments!

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14 thoughts on “Korn’s ‘Issues’ Turns 15: Ten Reasons Why It Rules”

  1. Uh,i can’t pick one track,but my favourites are Let’s Get This Party Started,Counting,Hey Daddy,Trash,No Way,Make Me Bad and Dead 😀

  2. i personally couldnt listen to the album… i tried not for me. Ill stick with Korns one good album.. the 1st one. Sure i liked a few songs after but after album 3 i stopped listening all together , with exception of the 1st album. I even re-purchased life is peachy with fond memories. I cant say i enjoy it after many years hiatus. again a few good songs on the album but overall meh.

  3. Hard to pick a favorite song on the Issues album to be honest, I’m hard out Korn fan and all songs are awesome, keep bringing out the tunes Korn, would love to have a meet and greet one day. See you at your next concert in Sydney, Australia Korn

  4. This album wasn’t that bad, but it in now way touches either of the first two albums. I remember being super stoked to get this when it came out only to be severely disappointed. Tried to find silver linings, but you can’t really polish a turd. Numbers don’t mean a thing. Bad ideas can always find purchase with mass audiences, like dictatorships.

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